Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little Reader

loves his "gallop" book
the pictures move when you turn
the page! super cool


m.a. said...

I love his t-shirt. I hope that he can still wear it by the time I meet him. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Check out those concentrating feet!
When does he get his library card? :) Yaya

Amy said...

If there are any other books that you want, let me know...I have connections ;)

susan said...

ma - It is a great shirt. I think even if he's outgrown it by the time you get to meet him, I'll try to find it in the next size up. ;)

Yaya - He'll get that library card as soon as he can write his name on it. Hehe.

Amy - I will have to look at that website again. Right now he's mostly interested in eating his books still.