Saturday, January 03, 2009

Progress of all kinds

Poor Soren's having a bit of a rough time right now, on account of the three teeth he's got cutting through the gums at once, all on top. His other central incisor and both laterals are all coming in. As long as he stays well distracted he's fine, but he gets pretty sad in the evenings and hasn't been wanting to sleep in his crib as much (would rather have the comforts of sleeping on one of us). He hasn't been too feverish or anything else though, so that's good at least.

He may have learned a new sign. Last night, I'm pretty sure I had him signing "more" while I was feeding him his delicious canteloupe sorbet, which he adores. He may, however, think that it's not the sign for "more" but rather the sign for "canteloupe" since he kept doing it today while grimacing through his chicken and spinach. ;) "No, woman, I don't want more of this crap...give me the good stuff!"

He's becoming very good at throwing things. He can bounce a ball away from himself. He was crawling back and forth across the floor last night, holding onto his rattle all the while. He's trying to climb up and over things and has pretty remarkable upper body strength, practically doing pullups on the tops of the baby gates. He is more vocal and expressive and fun with every passing day.


amy said...

Cantaloupe sorbet?? That sounds amazing!

Tom said...

Sounds amazing? No, it smells amazing!