Friday, January 23, 2009

Soren's first hike

On Tuesday, Shay & I took the kids for a little hike at Eaton Canyon. To be fair, it was more of a trail stroll than an actual hike, but it was still quite a workout playing pack mule with our 20 lb cargoes.

Soren's sun hat was in one of the other diaper bags (not the one I'd brought along), so he wore mine til we got into the shade. Shay said it looked like I was carrying some sort of strange anthropomorphic backpack.

Obligatory over-the-shoulder photo. It was the first time I'd carried him on my back, and it was kind of disconcerting not to be able to have an eye on him all the while. Not long at all into our hike, he stopped babbling, and I had to ask Shay if he was still okay back there.

In his defense, it was past his usual napping hour, and I guess the combination of a nice warm back to cuddle against and the comforting sway as we walked along was just enough to put him right out. He slept through all the exciting sights - several dogs, a few trail joggers, and even two horses!

Soon, Shay's daughter was chewing and sucking on the side of her backpack, building up a nice little puddle of drool, so we figured it was a good time to stop & feed the kiddos (and ourselves).

Refreshed, we got ready to make our way home. Shay handed Bella to me so she could readjust her pack, resulting in another must-photo moment. You can see Soren's learned well how to mug for the camera, but I think Bella couldn't get past my big floppy hat. ;)

A fine time was had by all, so we'll be sure to return again soon.

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amy said...

so cute!