Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yeah, like funny "ha ha"

Yesterday I took this picture of Soren.

Something felt familiar about it, but it took me a little while to place it. Eventually I realized that it reminded me of a picture I took of Leo almost 4 years ago.



Amy said...

Maybe that's why he likes kitties so much...he is one!

Raulph said...

Haha! Cute!
You should swap their heads with photoshop!

word verification:
Derse - verbally concise, yet still dumb

susan said...

Amy - I'm telling you, he's more like a kitty every day, what with the random noises, bolting for open doors, chewing on things...

Raul - Ha! Tom's creeped out enough when I make little photoshop adjustments to pictures of the boy (flip his head so he's looking the other way, or swap open eyes for closed ones).

Derse...I like it. :)