Monday, February 23, 2009

One more week of blog-quiet

Yesterday morning, Soren & Leo & I got on a plane bound for Portland. (This was after we managed the "airport security shuffle", which required me to wrangle the cat - out of carrier - and the boy - out of stroller - through security while the cat carrier and stroller were run through the scanner. Oh, and my new favorite phrase? "You're going to have to take the baby's shoes off too." Asinine.) Leo was just a little meowy in the beginning, but I think he mostly slept, and Soren passed out right before take-off and didn't wake up until we were getting ready to land. So that was great!

Today we're off to my friend's farm to spend the week with her family. Which means (sorry ML & Alice) I still probably won't get back to my regularly-scheduled blogging for a little while yet, but rest assured I will have plenty to say as this moving process wraps up! The movers come today to box up the kitchen and whatever we left unpacked (which isn't too much), and then tomorrow they'll load it on a truck and whisk it away. Crazy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is it just me, or does Pink Transfer sound more like an organization of drug mules than a moving company?

Only about the cutest thing ever

He's sitting on my lap, being his usual smiley self. His eye catches something on my shirt, and then he slowly reaches out with one finger to gently touch it.

"Button," I tell him.




And then he gives one of his deep little chuckles, so very satisfied, and my heart melts into a little puddle.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Haiku Double Feature

Last week's:

when they're teenagers
we will show them this and they'll
roll their eyes at us

And this week's:

he's ten months old now
my toothy, smiley, silly
happy little dude

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello blog? It's me, Sue...

It is only a little bit of a surprise to me that I was a lot better about the frequent blog updates when I was still working vampire hours. Surprising because my life was a heck of a lot more hectic back then, but not so very surprising if you look at the timestamps for my blog entries during those months. They were, nearly without exception, written and published in the middle of the night, usually during my 3am "lunch" hour. Now that I'm using those hours for sleeping instead, not so much blogging gets done, obviously.

So what, you ask, have I been doing with all my "free" time now that I'm not working every night and begging Soren for just five more minutes of sleep all day long? Packing, mostly. Soren is really pretty good about entertaining himself, but even the most patient almost-ten-month-olds are not known for their incredible attention spans. So we play, play, play, and then I pack a box or two until he cries for more attention, and then we play some more, and then I try to get him down for a nap, and then I hurry to pack another box before he wakes up, and then playtime resumes. Also, I do try to not keep him cooped up in the apartment every single day, so we've been going on hikes and strolls and the like. I'm taking lots of photos, and videos, but not getting around to pulling them off the camera as often as I might otherwise.

I'm still enamored of the crock pot, using it for at least one meal per week (and that one meal is usually good for 2 or 3 nights of dinner). This week I made a pretty fantastic beef stew, with potatoes and onions and barley and lima beans. I even baked bread from scratch to go with it! (Bread making, by the way, is always less time consuming and less work than I expect it will be, which is great.)

I've been trying to get a jump on the housing search. It's crazy, even with the market the way it is right now, housing is still expensive, and available places get snatched up super quick. So I've been researching the area, primarily, but pinning down a specific apartment or townhouse even a month ahead is something of a fool's errand. But that's okay. There do seem to be a lot of available options, so I have plenty of confidence that we'll be able to find a nice place that will meet our needs.

All right. My lads should be waking up soon - I was awakened early by the phone and then decided to take advantage of the early hour to deal with my travel arrangements, since the government-affiliated travel office is on the east coast - so I will sign off for now. More photos, as always, and this week's haiku will be coming eventually. Have a good one, folks.