Monday, February 23, 2009

One more week of blog-quiet

Yesterday morning, Soren & Leo & I got on a plane bound for Portland. (This was after we managed the "airport security shuffle", which required me to wrangle the cat - out of carrier - and the boy - out of stroller - through security while the cat carrier and stroller were run through the scanner. Oh, and my new favorite phrase? "You're going to have to take the baby's shoes off too." Asinine.) Leo was just a little meowy in the beginning, but I think he mostly slept, and Soren passed out right before take-off and didn't wake up until we were getting ready to land. So that was great!

Today we're off to my friend's farm to spend the week with her family. Which means (sorry ML & Alice) I still probably won't get back to my regularly-scheduled blogging for a little while yet, but rest assured I will have plenty to say as this moving process wraps up! The movers come today to box up the kitchen and whatever we left unpacked (which isn't too much), and then tomorrow they'll load it on a truck and whisk it away. Crazy!

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Bethany said...

How exciting! Were you able to find a convenient place here in NoVA?