Friday, March 27, 2009


He emerged from the opened door as if in slow motion. The smaller one's eyes widened in disbelief. For the past month - though it had seemed much longer - he had wondered if he would ever see his best friend again, and now here he was at last! He approached eagerly, almost running...

...only to be met with hisses and growls.

Poor Leo.

Nearly 24 hours later, Loki still won't let him near.

* * *

Soren fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, which isn't a huge surprise, as we'd already been up for hours (one of us too excited to go back to sleep, the other too obstinate). So he was still pretty groggy as we stood there waiting for Tom. He didn't want to be on the ground, so I held him, facing forward down the hall. And then, there Tom was, and the three of us were together again. There were hugs all around, and Soren had lots of smiles for his dad.

Back at the apartment, the guys played on the floor. We relaxed. We all had a nap. We braved the rain to run some errands and then all had a nice dinner back at home. It's so, so great to have things back to normal again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Move-in Day (another photo essay)

Yesterday, after weeks and weeks of transit, our household goods finally arrived and were ready for delivery! We had to get over to the apartment pretty early to secure the elevator keys and finish some last-minute tidying to make room for all of our stuff. We awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Well, one of us did.

We got dressed and ready to go.

Perked up after some breakfast.

(But only a little.)

And made our way over to the apartment.

Falling sound asleep in the car on the way, of course, and remaining passed out in the stroller.

Soon it was time to transfer the lad to the backpack and meet the movers outside. You'd think the brisk air would have served to wake him up a bit.

But no.

With one last glance around the empty apartment, the move-in process soon began.

And three hours later, there were boxes! Many, many boxes.

After all that moving, of course, a nap was definitely in order.

Sure, I didn't have to haul all the boxes, but you try lugging around a 25 pound backpack for several hours and see if you don't want a nap too. I don't know what his excuse was, though. ;)

In any event, it was awfully nice to have our big comfy bed back.


Moving completed, it was time for a trip to Target for some provisions. Which of course means cart rides, which are among the wee lad's favorite things.

Even the sleepiest Soren will apparently wake up for cart rides.

And there you have it. On to the next!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Painting Preview

Here's an early look at our not-quite-sea-foam-green dining room.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making some headway

So, our shipment of household goods has arrived. They wanted to deliver it today, but since the apartment complex requires at least 24 hours' notice, I asked if they might be able to come tomorrow instead. But no. Now they can't come til Monday. Oh well. Gives me more time to get the apartment ready.

I've embarked on a painting project. I'm faithfully documenting the whole process (photographically, of course) and will share with you once I can get the pictures off the camera. But the walls of a couple of rooms in our apartment are in pretty bad shape, paint-wise; there are scuffs and marks and a couple of really obvious patch jobs. Plus, the off-white wall with white-white trim is not the most awesome look, methinks. So I made my way over to the paint store today, got some supplies, and am painting the walls a very light green (leaving the white trim). So far so the first 2 walls mostly done. Granted, what I have left to do - clean up the top & bottom edges - is the part of the task that will actually be the most time consuming, but whatever. Progress is progress.

I managed to get my Virginia driver's license yesterday. It was very simple, really. Didn't even have to take a test - just surrendered my CA license and filled out some paperwork, then was reissued a new one on the spot. So that was easy. Got an apartment, got a car, got my license, started painting. Things are moving right along!

Mommy's Little Bruiser

Soren had quite the day yesterday. In the afternoon he walked from the living room, down the hall, into the bedroom, transitioning from area rug to hardwood floor to thick-ish carpeting, taking 39 consecutive unassisted steps (!)...before losing his balance and taking a header right into the corner edge of a bookcase. A few hours later, he was in his playpen, lost his balance and did a face-plant onto his ABC snail. Gave himself a nice, fat lip with that one. Poor little man.

Amazingly, both times he cried for less than a minute and was off and playing again happily as though nothing had happened. I see what my life is going to be like for the next...oh, good many...years.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Still Alive

I'm out here in DC-land. Soren is 11 months old today! We put in an application on an apartment, and it was (supposedly) approved, so we should be signing a lease on Monday. Trying now to find a suitable (and suitably-priced) car. Went to the Spy Museum today, which was pretty darn neat. Air temperature has gone from 27 degrees when we landed, where it stayed for a couple of days, to 75 degrees today. Big difference! Leo is remarkably chilled out about all the bopping around, and Soren is as happy and smiley as ever. He is getting a seventh tooth. He and I both caught a cold (stupid air travel, does it to me every time) but we both seem to be on the mend. Dad is getting in lots of good grandpa time with the boy; I'm not sure which of them is sleeping better at night from all the scamping about. ;)

More soon, I promise! Have to go tend to dinner now.