Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making some headway

So, our shipment of household goods has arrived. They wanted to deliver it today, but since the apartment complex requires at least 24 hours' notice, I asked if they might be able to come tomorrow instead. But no. Now they can't come til Monday. Oh well. Gives me more time to get the apartment ready.

I've embarked on a painting project. I'm faithfully documenting the whole process (photographically, of course) and will share with you once I can get the pictures off the camera. But the walls of a couple of rooms in our apartment are in pretty bad shape, paint-wise; there are scuffs and marks and a couple of really obvious patch jobs. Plus, the off-white wall with white-white trim is not the most awesome look, methinks. So I made my way over to the paint store today, got some supplies, and am painting the walls a very light green (leaving the white trim). So far so the first 2 walls mostly done. Granted, what I have left to do - clean up the top & bottom edges - is the part of the task that will actually be the most time consuming, but whatever. Progress is progress.

I managed to get my Virginia driver's license yesterday. It was very simple, really. Didn't even have to take a test - just surrendered my CA license and filled out some paperwork, then was reissued a new one on the spot. So that was easy. Got an apartment, got a car, got my license, started painting. Things are moving right along!


Anonymous said...

And Virginia continues to turn blue...

Blue Grandpa

Amy said...

AZ is the same with the driver's licenses, but I'm sure yours will expire long before mine does ;) Even Soren's might expire before mine does!

Anonymous said...

My goodness....such progress!! :)
I missed the details of the car...??? And, are the cherry blossoms blooming yet????
Yaya & Buddy

susan said...

Blue Grandpa - Indeed it does. Except for the 507 square feet I've painted green. ;)

Amy - Probably? Mine expires in 2016.

Yaya - The car is an '07 Hyundai Tucson, silver. Her name is Helen. No cherry blossoms yet, but I think they're due by the end of this month.