Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Move-in Day (another photo essay)

Yesterday, after weeks and weeks of transit, our household goods finally arrived and were ready for delivery! We had to get over to the apartment pretty early to secure the elevator keys and finish some last-minute tidying to make room for all of our stuff. We awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Well, one of us did.

We got dressed and ready to go.

Perked up after some breakfast.

(But only a little.)

And made our way over to the apartment.

Falling sound asleep in the car on the way, of course, and remaining passed out in the stroller.

Soon it was time to transfer the lad to the backpack and meet the movers outside. You'd think the brisk air would have served to wake him up a bit.

But no.

With one last glance around the empty apartment, the move-in process soon began.

And three hours later, there were boxes! Many, many boxes.

After all that moving, of course, a nap was definitely in order.

Sure, I didn't have to haul all the boxes, but you try lugging around a 25 pound backpack for several hours and see if you don't want a nap too. I don't know what his excuse was, though. ;)

In any event, it was awfully nice to have our big comfy bed back.


Moving completed, it was time for a trip to Target for some provisions. Which of course means cart rides, which are among the wee lad's favorite things.

Even the sleepiest Soren will apparently wake up for cart rides.

And there you have it. On to the next!


ml said...

so cute! im glad you're getting settled in DC!

Neil said...

Really cute. But that lugging around seems like a lot of exercise!

amy said...

so friggin cute!!