Friday, March 27, 2009


He emerged from the opened door as if in slow motion. The smaller one's eyes widened in disbelief. For the past month - though it had seemed much longer - he had wondered if he would ever see his best friend again, and now here he was at last! He approached eagerly, almost running...

...only to be met with hisses and growls.

Poor Leo.

Nearly 24 hours later, Loki still won't let him near.

* * *

Soren fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, which isn't a huge surprise, as we'd already been up for hours (one of us too excited to go back to sleep, the other too obstinate). So he was still pretty groggy as we stood there waiting for Tom. He didn't want to be on the ground, so I held him, facing forward down the hall. And then, there Tom was, and the three of us were together again. There were hugs all around, and Soren had lots of smiles for his dad.

Back at the apartment, the guys played on the floor. We relaxed. We all had a nap. We braved the rain to run some errands and then all had a nice dinner back at home. It's so, so great to have things back to normal again.


Anonymous said...

You had me goin' with the cat story..

Glad the other boys got on though..

Grandpa J

Anonymous said...

I fell right into it and had a great are so clever!
Happy the Johnson Clan is together again! xoxoxoxoxox Yaya & Buddy

amy said...

yay! :)

MC Squared said...

See detritus.

Much love to all.