Saturday, March 07, 2009

Still Alive

I'm out here in DC-land. Soren is 11 months old today! We put in an application on an apartment, and it was (supposedly) approved, so we should be signing a lease on Monday. Trying now to find a suitable (and suitably-priced) car. Went to the Spy Museum today, which was pretty darn neat. Air temperature has gone from 27 degrees when we landed, where it stayed for a couple of days, to 75 degrees today. Big difference! Leo is remarkably chilled out about all the bopping around, and Soren is as happy and smiley as ever. He is getting a seventh tooth. He and I both caught a cold (stupid air travel, does it to me every time) but we both seem to be on the mend. Dad is getting in lots of good grandpa time with the boy; I'm not sure which of them is sleeping better at night from all the scamping about. ;)

More soon, I promise! Have to go tend to dinner now.


Anonymous said...

Where is the apartment ?

Grandpa J

ml said...

sounds good! hopefully you'll get settled soon and blog more!!

Amy said...

Spy Museum is very cool...we didn't actually go into the museum, just the gift shop :) That area right around the museum is cool too. Our hotel was a few blocks away from it.