Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go to sleep!

Soren seems to be participating in some sort of nap boycott these days. Oh, he'll go to sleep in the car or in the stroller, but getting him to take a nap at home has become a difficult thing. For me. Tom, on the other hand, seems to be able to rock or bounce the boy to sleep with no problem. Try as I might, I just haven't been having the same level of success. He's obviously tired (eye-rubby, crankypants) but I can't get him to actually settle down long enough to fall asleep.

Used to be I could just nurse him to sleep, but lately all that milk manages to accomplish is perking him back up. Even at bedtime, I've had to resort to just nursing him until he's got a full belly and then handing him over to Tom for the actual putting-to-bed. For a year I've been the one who could reliably knock him out with the magic of breastmilk. It was my superpower. Now it as if Wonderwoman woke up one day and discovered her Lasso of Truth just made people laugh at her. Blagh.

Maybe Soren just takes after his dad. This afternoon, I was able to get him to nap (finally!) by holding him still on the bed - which pleased him NOT AT ALL at first - and singing his favorite song (Wheels on the Bus) until he chilled out and fell asleep. (Not that I have to hold down Tom now and sing to him in order for him to go to sleep...but when he was a wee lad himself this was apparently an effective method.) Who knows? Maybe it's just a phase. In any event, I would like very much to get a handle on things so I can get this kid napping regularly again. At least he's been sleeping better, and for longer stretches, at night; with any luck we'll get his daysleep fixed too.


Anonymous said...

Your next Mommy power will reveal itself soon and you will shock and amaze Soren by having "eyes in the back of your head"! Until then, remember that once Soren has learned to read, you can at least demand that he stay in bed with a book, like we did with his Dad.

Gramma Carrie Ann

susan said...

Oh yes, I very much look forward to the "stay in bed with your book" stage.