Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No foolin'

So, tomorrow Soren & Leo & I will have been in DC for a month already. A month! It's gone by really fast. Not a huge surprise, of course, what with the first few weeks of running around, getting an apartment and a car, painting (and painting and painting), unpacking, organizing, and so on.

I've fallen way behind on my photo-taking (and -uploading) since Tom's been here, but I'll work on remedying that. Between running after the wee lad (literally) and learning how to be all domestic and stuff (chores: not just for the weekend anymore!), I have been a tad busy. But Tom's been at work for two days now, and we seem to be starting to establish at least some semblance of a routine, so I will likely be out and about with the camera again soon. Plus, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, and there's this whole thing with the cherry blossoms*, so perhaps Soren & I will go into the city tomorrow and take some pictures.

Speaking of Soren, he is officially a toddler. Toddling all around the place, getting into everything. Just when you think you've got the baby-proofing under control, they make some additional leaps of advancement in their motor skills. Lordy. It's fun though, don't get me wrong. Watching him walk around, all pleased with himself, carrying whatever latest treasure he's discovered, is damn near the cutest thing ever.

All right, I should get back to the boxes while the little guy's still napping. Hope all's well with everyone. :)

*As a side note, the cherry blossoms seem pretty and all, but I am not yet sure what all the fuss is about. To be fair, I haven't been down to the Mall yet while they're all in bloom, so that may well be spectacular, but honestly? The tulip trees are waaaay cooler. Somebody should give them a festival.

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madre said...

We will look forward to the photos! How are Leo and Loki doing??