Monday, April 20, 2009

Smarter every day (and some other stuff)

Sometimes it feels like we go to bed, and then in the morning, Soren wakes up smarter. In just the past few days, he's added another sign ("eat/food"), learned to point to his nose and ear when asked, and learned to go find his soccer ball when asked. It's really pretty amazing.

I've been endeavoring to take at least one picture of him every day since he turned one. I have, of course, started similar photo-a-day projects in the past and then failed to keep up, but I think I'll probably be able to follow through on this one for a whole year. I've been posting the photos to Flickr and DPC, but I'll see about starting to put them up here as well, a day delayed perhaps. Here's yesterday's.

We went into the city yesterday morning to check out the Dupont Farmer's Market, which was, to be honest, kind of a let down. Granted, I accept that a fair bit of my disappointment is related to the fact that we've lived too long in a place that doesn't really know the meaning of "seasonal produce." There just wasn't a lot to be had at this market (a ton of lettuce, some mushrooms, dairy and meat goods, and a few root vegetables), compared to the bounty of produce to be had out west. It was also way too crowded for the stroller, such that even if we did want to pause and look at something, we were likely to be blocking someone else's way. So that was not so great. I'd consider going back later in the growing season perhaps (with Soren in a backpack), but I still doubt it's worth the trek all the way into the city. In a few weeks the farmers' markets closer to us will be opening, so we'll probably go check those out instead.

Anyway, the above picture is from our metro ride home yesterday. Soren was being as cute as always, waving at all the other passengers and looking out the window. He propositioned one lady for milk, in sign language, though she of course just thought he was saying hi. ;)


Anonymous said...

The whole Metro montage was fun to see.

Grandparents J

Anonymous said...

Soren probably thought the lady on the metro was not very nice not "sharing" her milk.