Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weekend Excursion

Does my almost-one-month of DC metro area residency qualify me to hate on the tourists?


Yeah, I didn't think it was quite enough. After all, toting my big camera into the city, I'm not terribly distinguishable from a tourist, myself. Oh well.

Can I at least gripe about the savages on the metro this past weekend? Holy cow. On Saturday we decided it would be fun to ride the train into the city, meet up with Max and check out the Smithsonian Natural History museum. We neglected to account for the fact that Saturday was also the day of the big Cherry Blossom Festival parade (I didn't even know they had a parade, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised). We were getting on the train one stop from the start of the line, and it was already packed by the time it got to us. Yikes. With each consecutive stop, more and more people crammed on, far more than were exiting. We had Soren's stroller tucked into a little nook, and soon Tom & I were smashed up against it. Then the fun really started, when Soren hit the trifecta of the meltdown derby - tired (nearing his usual naptime), hungry (not as much breakfast as usual that day) and angry (we took away the pen he'd been playing with).

He started fussing, then progressed straight to outright screaming. Suddenly we were those parents, the ones with the screaming baby on the crowded metro car. It was really, really great.

Fortunately, he calmed down pretty quickly, once he remembered that he had an audience. He is, if nothing else, a complete ham; his desire to smile at strangers thankfully outweighed his desire to continue screaming, and soon we were arriving at our destination.

This, of course, presented us with a new challenge - how to get off the now packed train car while the next horde of crazies tried to cram their way on. Oh, the conductor kept reminding people to please wait, let others off the train before trying to board, but if you think for a moment that anyone would actually comply with such a request, you'd be sorely mistaken. Savages. I cannot imagine what it must have been like on Inauguration Day. No thank you, to that. Don't even hand me anything like that.

Eventually we got back out into open air, found Max, grabbed some lunch while we waited for the parade crowds to dissipate, and then made our way to the museum. Yay, Smithsonian! It was pretty neat (though, of course, crowded). I'd like to go back (say, during the week, after the Cherry Blossom Fest is over) and look around some more. Soren finally passed out in the stroller after we'd been inside for about three minutes, had himself a nice long nap, was happy as a clam upon awakening. All in all, a fine day, but I don't think I'll be attempting a city trip under such circumstances again any time soon.

Check back later for more on today's...birthday boy!


Anonymous said...

Youse were those parents.
We would have never thought that about youse.

Happy Birthday to the little man !

Grandparents J

Isabella Aria Henry said...

HAPPY 1YR BIRTHDAY SOREN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isabella and I miss you lots...hope you have a great birthday and get to smear cake all over yourself :)