Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day 62

Last night Soren slept in his room, uninterrupted, from 10pm until 4:30am. When I woke up at 3 and couldn't hear anything over the monitor, I crept in to check on him, but there he was, snoozing away quietly. At 4:30 he woke up, and I brought him in our room where he flopped around for about an hour before finally falling back asleep until Tom left for work. There were some pretty loud rumblings of thunder around 6am or so, but he slept right through them.

Before bedtime last night, Soren & Tom were playing on either side of the gate that's across the doorway of Soren's room. Tom was sticking the handle of a ladle under the gate and moving it back and forth (not unlike the sort of game we play with the cats), and Soren was just giggling and giggling. Of course as soon as I went over there with the camera, he was done playing, but I caught one more shot of him leaning back, holding on to the gate and laughing.

(You can also see his little chin wounds here, too. Poor fellow. The one on the right is his dry skin spot, but the one on the left is from where he fell on the cat scratching post last week sometime. Good thing he's so young it'll heal up completely. I mean, matching mother-son chin scars probably aren't as cool as they sound...)

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