Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 63

It's frustrating how Soren can be SO good so much of the time and then turn around and become an absolute pill for a little while. After being such a good sleeper Monday night, he woke up first thing Tuesday morning determined to be an ornery little turkey all day. He kept signing for food but then pushing away everything I tried to feed him with an obstinate little "No." Breakfast turned into a screaming fit during which he nearly aspirated his oatmeal. Wheeeee. Then I couldn't get him down for his morning nap (scream scream scream, flail flail flail), so I hoped he'd just fall asleep in the car when we went out to do some erranding. Alas, he did fall asleep in the car, but not until AFTER the errands were done and we were on the way home. While we were out he was a crab and a half. The rest of the day continued much the same way. I finally got him down to a second nap later in the afternoon, and then when Tom came home Soren apparently decided he'd eat some dinner if Dad fed it to him. Grr. He mellowed out in the evening, eventually, and enjoyed a little balcony time, as you can see above.

We had one hell of a storm in the evening. Soren & I had gone out to pick up Tom's shirts from the cleaner, and then pick up Tom himself from the metro station since we were already out. When we left the apartment, it was still quite warm and muggy outside, but I could see some dark clouds off to the north. Driving the three minutes over to the cleaner's, I could see the clouds coming closer, with their flashes of lightning. We parked and walked in to get the shirts, clouds now swirling overhead and the wind starting to pick up. We were inside less than 2 minutes, and when we went back outside, the wind was whipping through the parking lot, which was now fully covered by the storm clouds. The air temperature had dropped a good 5 or 10 degrees, easy. I hurried to get Soren & the shirts in the car as the first bits of rain started spitting down. Lightning flashed on all sides of us, thunder booming. The car was buffeted by the wind as we made our way to the metro station. There was a clear line in the sky, stretching from east to west as far as I could see, where the dark clouds were steadily moving southward and taking over the evening light. By the time we had picked up Tom, the whole sky was dark, and the deluge had begun. The streets were full of puddles, some of them already deep enough to send up big waves as the cars drove through.

We got home and the storm raged on for a little while more before finally petering out. It left in its wake a really beautiful sunset.


Anonymous said...

As an editor(and parent), I would just redline the entire first paragraph. From the second paragraph on, I was rapt-waiting on every word , as the storm built to crescendo..., and peace was finally upon foggy bottom.

The old man in peaceful valley

susan said...

Ah, but one must take the bad with the good. All's well that ends well, of course, but at least to some extent, the beauty of the day's end was accentuated by the trying journey there.

*Desi*Ferguson* said...

Those are some gorgeous shots!