Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 64

Yesterday was a better day in almost every regard. I only say "almost" because I've been dealing with this stomach thing and wasn't feeling so hot yesterday. But Soren was an excellent and cooperative little eater, had 2 good naps, and was on the whole much more pleasant company. Horray!

We got out for our evening walk a little later than usual, and Soren still needed a bath before bedtime, so we figured we'd skip the stroller, make it a somewhat abbreviated walk, and see if we couldn't tire Soren out a bit by letting him hoof it. On went the puppy pack, and away we went.

I want to stop here and say again how nice it is to be able to consistently have family time in the evenings, now that Tom's been working a regular 8-to-5 type job. Dinner together at a reasonable hour, time to visit and relax or have our walk before's just great.

Anyway, back to the walk. It was nice out, so we were far from the only ones making our way around the loop. Soren had lots of smiles and waves and chatter for the people and dogs we passed (especially the dogs). And he just kept on walking. We were watching for signs that he was getting tired, but he trooped on for about half a mile, unfazed! I don't think he's ever taken so many consecutive steps in his life. It eventually started sprinkling on us, and Soren was perplexed by the drops hitting his head. He kept reaching his hand up, trying to figure out what was falling on him and then magically disappearing. It was pretty funny.

Shortly after the rain started, it appeared that our mighty walker's steam was finally starting to run out. Tom picked him up and carried him for a little while, and then he got to walk again the last little bit into our building and down the hall. I'm amazed he's not all sore-legged today, but then again, kids are pretty freaking resilient.


Anonymous said...

This whole montage is too cute, especially "what's that".

Grandpa J

ml said...

do you put soren on a LEASH?

did you take lokie walking too? =)

susan said...

Hey, don't knock the leash. It's incredibly helpful.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you have captured The Johnson Boys perfectly....such a great shot!
THANKS for using the back-pack walker, wish we had something like that in "my day". xoxoxox Yaya