Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 76

Monday we went to a playgroup get-together in the morning (video to come...requires some editing for length before I can upload it). Soren napped for a bit more than an hour in the early afternoon. After dinner we went down to the pool for some family swim time. We got back a little after 8, got the boy ready for bed, and settled him down with his pre-bedtime rice milk. He barely finished 2 ounces before passing out. He then proceeded to sleep all the way until 4am, uninterrupted! Of course, then he was happily awake and didn't want to go back to sleep until 5, but when he finally did, he slept for another 3 hours. It was really quite a lovely contrast to how our nights had been going lately.


ml said...

im glad you took him swimming! swim swim swim!

Anonymous said...

Does he like the water?

Grandpa J

susan said...

I think the outdoor pool was too cold for him, but he certainly does seem to like the indoor pool. :)