Thursday, July 30, 2009

So much better

Somewhat miraculously, Soren started feeling a lot better the day we left for Oregon. He ate more that day than he's eaten in a long while, and his rash had cleared up by that morning as well. He seems to be a lot more comfortable, tooth-wise. Thank goodness!

I'll have a couple of airport photos for you a little later, as well as yesterday's pic-of-the-day. It's been a blast watching Soren play and play and play with his grandparents. (Get ready, Johnson grandfolks; you're next!)

It is hot in Oregon! Not as humid as DC though, which helps a little. I never really bought the whole "at least it's a dry heat" excuse, but I do have to admit it's a little easier to breathe when the humidity's not up near 70 or 80%. Still...triple digits are triple digits, and hot is hot is hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning. ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking to the skies

Soren & I are off to Oregon for 10 days. We leave tomorrow afternoon. Tom's stuck here with work, though I understand he gets to go on a really fun field trip while we're away. Am I insane to take a crabby, teething toddler on a cross-country plane trip? Almost certainly. Gonna do it anyway, though. People to see, things to do, ten year high school reunion to celebrate. The kid loves strangers. He'll probably be an angel on the plane, busily charming everyone around us. Let's just keep thinking those positive thoughts, anyway. ;)

I did take his picture today, but my camera's now packed away so I won't be uploading I get back. Because I took it in a format I won't be able to open on the little laptop I'm bringing along. That's okay though. You guys are probably sick of Soren pictures anyway, right?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 110

In what may have been an ill-advised move, I let Sir play with my little camera a bit this afternoon. Once I showed him where the shutter button was, he wandered around the living room quite happily for a little while, taking pictures. (No, I haven't downloaded or even looked at any of them yet. Tomorrow.) Then he threw the camera on the ground, and I had to take it away, and he was very sad.

The poor little guy can't seem to catch a break these days. We ran out of his usual "super duper sensitive skin" baby shampoo, so when I bathed him yesterday I used some other stuff we had in the cabinet, also supposedly for sensitive baby skin. Errr, not so much. By mid-day today his whole belly, back & neck were broken out in a rash. He spent most of today shirtless as a result. Then he puked prodigiously after his afternoon nap today, earning yet another bath (no shampoo this time). Sigh. No more whole milk for him, I guess. I bought him some infant vitamins but now I'm wary of trying them right before we leave for our trip. All 4 cuspids are now through the skin, so he's bound to be willing to eat food again soon, right?


Day 109

Soren's developed a fascination with light switches. If we happen to be holding him while we walk past one in the hallway, his hand shoots out. He's way to short to reach any of the switches unassisted, so I came up with the idea of making him a little box with lights and switches on it. Tom bought the supplies and built it Saturday afternoon. It came out really neat, I think!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 108

Thursday night was a tough one. Soren really wasn't happy and ended up spending the night tossing & flailing in our bed. Mid-morning there was something of a vomit fest on the couch - poor little guy - followed by a shower. We caught a nice long nap in the afternoon (partial compensation for the lack of sleep the night before, but better than nothing). Teething is difficult business.

But look at all these pearly whites. For being such giant pains in the butt gums, they sure do make for a cute lil' smile.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 107

This is a story 'bout a yam and a boy. But mostly about a yam.

Last night I was getting ready to make some tasty mashed potatoes to have with dinner. Since we had some sweet potatoes from one of our produce deliveries still sitting in the pantry, I figured I'd cut those up and toss 'em in as well.

Turns out they'd been sitting in the pantry a bit longer than I thought. Heh. One of them had kind of sprouted a bit.

Okay, sprouted a lot.

Tom said it looked like it was trying to be a luck dragon

Naturally, we had to have a little fun. We researched online until we found some levitation incantations and then set it free to fly around the kitchen.


Actually, Tom cleverly devised a means of yammy suspension, and the white string all but disappeared against the white wall.

Probably not setting a very good example for the lad about "not playing with food" but what the hell? ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stormy Walk

It was raining a bit this morning, and it seemed possible that the forcasted thunderstorms might actually show up by mid-morning, so I planned on an evening walk again today. Of course, the clouds did little more than threaten all day, and it wasn't until dinnertime that we started hearing the first rumblings of thunder. I hurried through my super tasty potatoes and set out for my walk with warm air and the barest sprinklings on my face and arms. I left Soren inside his time, just in case; turns out that was a very good decision.

The drizzle quit within a few minutes, but the dark, dark clouds to the north and west started spitting out lightning. Thunder began booming, then crackling, overhead. I wondered for a few minutes if it was perhaps a bad idea to be out there, despite the fact that I was surrounded by 18-story buildings. Close thunder is pretty exciting and intimidating, particularly if you're out in its midst.

The rain finally started falling in big drops as I passed the building two away from ours, on my way back. I thought about toughing it out the rest of the way at a jog through the rain, then thought better of it as the clouds burst. Fortunately, I was close enough to duck into Building 2's parking garage. Unfortunately, I couldn't get down a level to the underground tunnel connecting all the buildings without a key to Building 2. I had to duck outside again, flee around the corner to the ramp leading that leads to the next level down. I was outside in the downpour for four, maybe five seconds, and it was enough to soak me to the skin! There is indeed nothing quite like a serious, kick-ass storm.

Back in the apartment, warm and dry, we all sat watching and listening to the storm rage through the balcony screen door. Even now, with the storm well past us to the east, we can see the lightning strobing in the clouds. I've got to say, it's pretty awesome.

By popular demand... it is. The belly I seem to be developing somewhat more rapidly this time around. Photo taken at 15 weeks.

Day 106

The past couple of days, we've missed our window of walkability in the morning - it's been getting hot & unpleasant pretty rapidly - so we've resorted to walking after dinner. It's a little harder to work up the motivation, since afternoon/evening has been when I'm feeling my worst, but I'm really trying to stick with it. I've still been taking Soren out with me; not only does he just genuinely enjoy some outside time, it also gives Tom a chance to make his lunch and do any after-dinner tidying, which I'm more than happy to facilitate. Plus there's the added benefit of getting Sir settled down for sleeptime. Yesterday evening he actually conked out completely after a lap and a half. I guess even the fireflies weren't interesting enough to keep him awake. ;)

Edited to add:
Regarding Desiree's comment, we've been fortunate in that Soren's pretty much always been a good stroller sleeper. I was inspired to look back on some old photos. Has it really been so long?

Day 105

Two takeaway messages from this photo:

1 - Just because he's playing away in his room, quietly and happily, it doesn't necessarily mean he's not also making a gigantic mess. Pulling the (clean) diapers off the shelves of the changing table has been a favorite activity of late.

2 - Oh thank goodness for the baby gate. Keeping the destruction confined to one room is infinitely preferable to apartment-wide havoc.

These cuspids are showing no mercy. All 4 seem to be coming in almost simultaneously. He's all but given up on eating solids. We've started mixing some whole milk back in with his rice milk so he's at least getting some more calories, since all he wants in the world right now is milk-milk-milk. He hasn't seemed to notice (or mind) the addition, which is good. Hopefully the food strike will pass soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 104

Sunday's mystery fever was explained Monday morning by the presence of an upper right cuspid peeking through the gums. So much for new teeth being a couple of months away! A solid food strike has ensued, which is oh so much fun. Fight him too much about eating, and he'll get so worked up that he vomits. Poor Tom has been the victim of the SorenPuke more often than I have, especially lately. It's not a ton of fun. I'll be glad when the teething's another 8 months or whatever.

Day 103

Sunday the lad spiked a little bit of a fever in the afternoon and evening. We weren't expecting more teeth for a couple of months, so we figured he just had a little bug. Tom had his soccer game in the morning, so Sir & I took it easy for the day.

He didn't stay in these pjs too long. He woke up at 1:30am, overwarm & hyper. I stayed up with him for an hour trying to get him to settle down, but he was having none of it. Finally had to change him into cooler pjs and bring him in our bed. He was out within 10 minutes, slept straight through for the rest of the night. ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 102

Yesterday was my last horseback riding lesson. It's been really great getting back in the saddle these past couple of months. I'm glad to have found such a good barn and definitely look forward to returning there after this kiddo's born. :) I actually remembered to bring both my camera and the memory card with me yesterday, so check out Flickr for a few horsie pics.

There was a lot of soccer on in our house yesterday. Three games, maybe four? Soren & I napped on the couch through a couple hours of it. Man, do I love naps. Don't get me wrong; I've developed an appreciation for soccer, as well. I just seem to be incapable of turning down a good nap. ;) And it's even harder when I've got this bundle of cuteness snuggled up beside me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 101

Yesterday we went to a playdate. The hosts have a sand & water table set up on the back patio, which Soren had a grand old time playing with. After we hung out for a couple of hours, we made our way home. He passed out in the car, slept for about 20 minutes, and then was awake for the rest of the day! Just happy as a clam, not interested in any further naps. He fell asleep reeeeaaally easily at bedtime. ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 100

Yesterday morning (after two laps around the apartment complex) Soren & I headed out for some erranding. Erranding completed, we happened to pass by a Chipotle, which seemed like exactly the right thing to have for lunch. Normally when we get Chipotle food, we just get it to-go and eat at home, but Soren & I were both quite hungry. The whole time we were in line he kept signing and asking for food; it must have smelled good to him, too! So I ordered the lad a cheese quesadilla, and we sat down to lunch together. It was nice. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 99

I've been feeling pretty darn good in the mornings lately. Quite a bit more energy, almost no nausea at all; it's a nice change! Of course, by the afternoon I've been developing a raging headache and feeling just as crummy as ever, but that's all the more reason to take advantage of the mornings. Tom's been gently nagging me (and rightly so) about getting more exercise, since the earlier I start building up my stamina, the better off I'll be when birthin' time rolls around. So yesterday I started what will hopefully become a daily routine of strapping Soren in the stroller after breakfast and taking off for a walk around the apartment complex before it gets too miserable outside. The loop's about a mile long, and I'll try to work up to 3 laps a day. That'll get me out & walking for about an hour, which is pretty good exercise.

So yesterday we just did one lap for starters, then came home & got on with our day. Here's Soren playing with one of "his" remotes while I unpacked this week's box of produce. Since we got the Tivo, we don't use the cable box remote anymore, so we took the batteries out and let him play with it. Of course, it's the least interesting remote as far as he's concerned. This kid's no dummy. ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 98

Soren slept for nearly ten hours Monday night! He did some talking in his sleep around midnight but didn't actually wake up, and then slept straight through til morning. It was amazing. We barely had time for breakfast before we had to be off to his 15 month doctor visit. He had a clean bill of health, weighing in at 23 lbs 14 oz (just below the 50th percentile for his age). He's still tall, at 32 inches (70th percentile). It was the day of the big MMR shot, plus 2 others. He was sad about it, but he's a trooper and perked back up quickly. Fortunately, he didn't run a fever or seem to have any negative reactions, aside from some general soreness in the limbs where he got his shots.

Here he is brushing his teeth before bed last night. Cute little guy.

Day 97

I don't remember what we did Monday. Oh, I baked some bread, but it didn't rise well at all. Fail bread, though tasty. Soren slept pretty well Sunday night and then was a decent napper on Monday. I caught just a quick shot of Tom getting him ready for bed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 96

Sunday, lazy Sunday. Big accomplishment of the day was giving Tom a haircut. Here's the little Sir, freshly bathed and (not quite) ready for bed.

Day 95

I know. The stripey pants and camo socks are not exactly a fashion win. He was cozy though.

Saturday evening we ventured into the city to have dinner with Max. He made some tasty chili and a salad. Agnes is still on the night shift and wasn't able to join us, unfortunately, but we'll catch her next time. It was the first we got to see of their new place. Rowhouses are crazy skinny! After dinner we took a little walk. It was pretty late already by Soren standards, but he kept up really well for several blocks, and then Tom carried him the rest of the way. There were fireflies out, and those are always cool to see.

Soren, amazingly, stayed awake for the car ride home. He was out like trout not long after, though. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 94

New soccer outfit #2. Sorry the picture's blurry (again!). I seem to be having a string of bad luck with the blurs lately. I swear they look sharper on my camera's LCD screen. And I think, "Great! I've got my cute pic of the day. Done!" Then I upload them and they're blurry or out of focus. Oh well. He's still cute, right?

Not much to report on the day. We played. We went over some of his letter/number/shape cards. He actually brought me the Q and the P while saying things that sounded suspiciously like Q and P. And "circle," which actually sounds something like "gurkle." We skype-chatted with the grandfolks. We did our grocery shopping. That's about it.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day 93

New soccer outfit! Crappy camera phone picture! Silly Sir pose! Happy Thursday.

Day 92

Yesterday we had some errands to run. One of those errands was getting cat food, which was near the camera store (I wanted to see if they had a particular lens for sale in their used section), so I brought my camera along. This was fortunate, as I was able to grab some pretty awesome shots of the pretty flowering trees near the dry cleaner's and some very striking clouds. And, of course, Sir being silly in the back seat. This is his "stinky toes" face.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day 91

Over the weekend we made some letter, number & shape "books" for Soren (though currently they're still just unbound pages). We got some sheets of foam, which we cut into 6" x 9" pieces. Then we cut the letters, etc., out of sticky-backed foam and affixed them to the cut sheets. It worked out really well and makes for a nice, tactile sort of thing for the lad. Here are the first few pages:

The concept was Tom's. We were frustrated that there don't seem to be any alphabet books out there with just one letter per page, super simple, without a bunch of other text and pictures and stuff. So, when you can't find what you want, make it yourself. I think it turned out pretty great.

Here's Soren playing with one of the pages. It looks like a V but I think it's actually my M, held upside down. It was hard to cut out those letters freehand! Hehe.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Day 90

Sunday night Soren slept from 10:30 - 5:30 (which would have been great if I hadn't been awake for no apparent reason from 3-4), and then decided that 7 hours was quite enough and he was ready to start the day. Whee! We took it easy, caught a couple of naps during the day on Monday, then later ventured out to the grocery store & dry cleaner. Exciting stuff. Monday evening we had another family swim outing. Soren's getting quite good at kicking.

This picture was actually taken early Tuesday morning, but I'm counting it anyway. Close enough, right?

Day 89

Tickle fight Sunday evening before bed.

Day 88

Not the greatest picture, but it's the only non-blurry one I got from Saturday. Soren was having a grand old time playing with the sticky-backed foam stuff we bought for making his letter & number books.

We had a very mellow 4th of July. Not willing to battle the hordes downtown, we stuck around the apartment. Tom & Soren went to the store sometime in the afternoon while I took a nap. I never made it out of pjs. It was that sort of day.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

12 weeks

Heeeeere's sasquatch! ;) See the little foot up there kinda floating in space in the upper left? Hehehe, little feet...

Day 87

Another last-minute quick photo before bed. We had a nice, relaxing day. Soren slept for 8 hours Thursday night without so much as a peep! ("Sleepin' 9 to 5, what a way to do some resting...") Then he woke up for a little while and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. Freaking figures, now that it's the weekend and Tom's the one to tend to him in the night. (To be fair, last night was not so easy; he still slept until after 4, but then Tom was up with him for an hour and a half before I finally woke up & took over.)

Friday we went to the craft store in search of some supplies to make Soren some books. He's been really interested in letters & numbers - I can barely walk with him through a parking lot without him wanting to stop and look at every license plate - so we wanted to make him some neat, tactile books. We found some craft foam sheets that ended up working out great. I'll post some photos of the finished products, probably tomorrow.

Anyway, happy 4th to all. Hope the weekend's treating everybody well. :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 86

Quel serieux. He looks like such a grown up boy to me in this picture, squatting on the floor and playing with his toy so intently. Quite a change from this picture, taken minutes earlier. ;)

Yesterday I had sonogram #2 for the new little sprout. We hadn't been able to hear any fetal heart tones with the doppler device at my most recent check-up, on Tuesday, and while the midwife wasn't really concerned about it (12 weeks is still pretty early to be hearing stuff well), she sent me in for an ultrasound just to be sure. Pretty much the moment that the technician put the probe dealie on my belly, she said, "Well it's no wonder you couldn't hear anything. Kiddo was probably moving around way too much to get a reading." Wiggly little dude/gal. Hehe. It's always fun to see, and I certainly didn't mind having a couple extra pictures to take home. Of course, as I was telling Tom, they're basically like having pictures of Bigfoot (kind of grainy & blurry), but I'll endeavor to get the clearest one posted for you sometime this weekend.

After my appointment we went to a playdate. Both of the other moms there have kids within a week or so of Soren's age, and both of them are also pregnant with their second! Must be something in the water around here...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

In other news...

...well, I'll just let Soren be the one to tell you.

That's right, folks. As of next January, our apartment is going to be a little bit more crowded. :)


Day 85

Wednesday evening we headed down to the pool after dinner for some family swim time. After several laps back & forth with Tom moving Soren's legs (kick, kick, kick!), Soren got the hang of it and was kicking like a champ all on his own. He really does seem to enjoy pool time, though when he's done, he's done. After about half an hour, he'd had enough and basically climbed up my chest to get out of the pool. Goofball.

Day 84

I almost didn't post this picture at all because it was too washed out. But a little crop and tweaking in Photoshop improved it somewhat. It's a shame I didn't have my camera out & ready earlier, or I'd have caught him & Leo sitting on the ottoman together, Soren's hand resting on Leo's back. But no, the moment I went for the camera Leo took off & Soren started to get down. Still made for a cute shot, at least. ;)