Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 105

Two takeaway messages from this photo:

1 - Just because he's playing away in his room, quietly and happily, it doesn't necessarily mean he's not also making a gigantic mess. Pulling the (clean) diapers off the shelves of the changing table has been a favorite activity of late.

2 - Oh thank goodness for the baby gate. Keeping the destruction confined to one room is infinitely preferable to apartment-wide havoc.

These cuspids are showing no mercy. All 4 seem to be coming in almost simultaneously. He's all but given up on eating solids. We've started mixing some whole milk back in with his rice milk so he's at least getting some more calories, since all he wants in the world right now is milk-milk-milk. He hasn't seemed to notice (or mind) the addition, which is good. Hopefully the food strike will pass soon.


*Desi*Ferguson* said...

Well, look on the bright side, you can get them done and over with sooner by them all coming in at once!

Amy said...

hahahaha LOVE the "innocent" look on his face!

susan said...

Des - It's true, I'm glad this round of teething won't drag on forever but man oh man is it frustrating right now.

Amy - "Who, me?"

Anonymous said...

Great shot!! What a little rascal....and poor little thing, you can see how he is suffering with big boy teeth coming into that sweet little mouth. YaYa