Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 106

The past couple of days, we've missed our window of walkability in the morning - it's been getting hot & unpleasant pretty rapidly - so we've resorted to walking after dinner. It's a little harder to work up the motivation, since afternoon/evening has been when I'm feeling my worst, but I'm really trying to stick with it. I've still been taking Soren out with me; not only does he just genuinely enjoy some outside time, it also gives Tom a chance to make his lunch and do any after-dinner tidying, which I'm more than happy to facilitate. Plus there's the added benefit of getting Sir settled down for sleeptime. Yesterday evening he actually conked out completely after a lap and a half. I guess even the fireflies weren't interesting enough to keep him awake. ;)

Edited to add:
Regarding Desiree's comment, we've been fortunate in that Soren's pretty much always been a good stroller sleeper. I was inspired to look back on some old photos. Has it really been so long?


*Desi*Ferguson* said...

My kids NEVER slept in a stroller, you are one lucky gal to have such a great husband and such a great (and gorgeous boy)!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome to compare pics! Hope his teething eases up....Yaya