Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 107

This is a story 'bout a yam and a boy. But mostly about a yam.

Last night I was getting ready to make some tasty mashed potatoes to have with dinner. Since we had some sweet potatoes from one of our produce deliveries still sitting in the pantry, I figured I'd cut those up and toss 'em in as well.

Turns out they'd been sitting in the pantry a bit longer than I thought. Heh. One of them had kind of sprouted a bit.

Okay, sprouted a lot.

Tom said it looked like it was trying to be a luck dragon

Naturally, we had to have a little fun. We researched online until we found some levitation incantations and then set it free to fly around the kitchen.


Actually, Tom cleverly devised a means of yammy suspension, and the white string all but disappeared against the white wall.

Probably not setting a very good example for the lad about "not playing with food" but what the hell? ;)


Anonymous said...

"I yam what I yam."


MC Squared said...

Luck dragons are scary.