Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 110

In what may have been an ill-advised move, I let Sir play with my little camera a bit this afternoon. Once I showed him where the shutter button was, he wandered around the living room quite happily for a little while, taking pictures. (No, I haven't downloaded or even looked at any of them yet. Tomorrow.) Then he threw the camera on the ground, and I had to take it away, and he was very sad.

The poor little guy can't seem to catch a break these days. We ran out of his usual "super duper sensitive skin" baby shampoo, so when I bathed him yesterday I used some other stuff we had in the cabinet, also supposedly for sensitive baby skin. Errr, not so much. By mid-day today his whole belly, back & neck were broken out in a rash. He spent most of today shirtless as a result. Then he puked prodigiously after his afternoon nap today, earning yet another bath (no shampoo this time). Sigh. No more whole milk for him, I guess. I bought him some infant vitamins but now I'm wary of trying them right before we leave for our trip. All 4 cuspids are now through the skin, so he's bound to be willing to eat food again soon, right?



ml said...

is it weird that he's puking so much? are teething and puking so related.

his skin sounds as sensitive as mine and my sister's when we were little.

susan said...

My sister & I had really sensitive skin when we were little, too.

I'm not sure what the deal is with the puking. My suspicion is that it has something to do with the fact that he's drinking from a bottle a lot more these days. Possibly we're not doing as good a job burping him as we think; possibly the addition of the whole milk (to try to replace some of the calories he's lost from solid foods this week) isn't agreeing with his stomach. It's also likely that just the discomfort of teething in general is making his stomach extra sensitive. In any event, I'd sure like for things to go back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Grandma J says to try giving him pudding.

Grandpa J

ml said...

Do you think he might have some sort of virus that is independent of the teething?

susan said...

We'll have to pick up some pudding and try that. The go-to has been peanut butter, the last few days. Jam-packed full of calories, and he does really like it.

I had considered some sort of independent virus, but the puking has stopped since we quit giving him the whole milk. (For now, anyway.) When it's not meal time or sleep time, he's generally been his usual happy self, not acting sick or anything, and he hasn't had much in the way of a fever this time. I'm sure it's just the teeth. Evil, evil teeth.

Amy said...

Aren't you excited to do this all again in about a year and a half? :)