Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 86

Quel serieux. He looks like such a grown up boy to me in this picture, squatting on the floor and playing with his toy so intently. Quite a change from this picture, taken minutes earlier. ;)

Yesterday I had sonogram #2 for the new little sprout. We hadn't been able to hear any fetal heart tones with the doppler device at my most recent check-up, on Tuesday, and while the midwife wasn't really concerned about it (12 weeks is still pretty early to be hearing stuff well), she sent me in for an ultrasound just to be sure. Pretty much the moment that the technician put the probe dealie on my belly, she said, "Well it's no wonder you couldn't hear anything. Kiddo was probably moving around way too much to get a reading." Wiggly little dude/gal. Hehe. It's always fun to see, and I certainly didn't mind having a couple extra pictures to take home. Of course, as I was telling Tom, they're basically like having pictures of Bigfoot (kind of grainy & blurry), but I'll endeavor to get the clearest one posted for you sometime this weekend.

After my appointment we went to a playdate. Both of the other moms there have kids within a week or so of Soren's age, and both of them are also pregnant with their second! Must be something in the water around here...

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