Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day 91

Over the weekend we made some letter, number & shape "books" for Soren (though currently they're still just unbound pages). We got some sheets of foam, which we cut into 6" x 9" pieces. Then we cut the letters, etc., out of sticky-backed foam and affixed them to the cut sheets. It worked out really well and makes for a nice, tactile sort of thing for the lad. Here are the first few pages:

The concept was Tom's. We were frustrated that there don't seem to be any alphabet books out there with just one letter per page, super simple, without a bunch of other text and pictures and stuff. So, when you can't find what you want, make it yourself. I think it turned out pretty great.

Here's Soren playing with one of the pages. It looks like a V but I think it's actually my M, held upside down. It was hard to cut out those letters freehand! Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Cool project!

Grandpa J

MC Squared said...

There's no way that's an "M" upside down or any other way. I'd like a picture of V and M next to each other as proof. ;)

Your boy is cuter than ever.

susan said...

It's a skinny, skinny M. I'll try to get a comparison shot up for you.

Isabella Aria Henry said...

Spectacular Book should make some more and sell them....I'd like to put my order in now thanks :)