Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 94

New soccer outfit #2. Sorry the picture's blurry (again!). I seem to be having a string of bad luck with the blurs lately. I swear they look sharper on my camera's LCD screen. And I think, "Great! I've got my cute pic of the day. Done!" Then I upload them and they're blurry or out of focus. Oh well. He's still cute, right?

Not much to report on the day. We played. We went over some of his letter/number/shape cards. He actually brought me the Q and the P while saying things that sounded suspiciously like Q and P. And "circle," which actually sounds something like "gurkle." We skype-chatted with the grandfolks. We did our grocery shopping. That's about it.


Amy said...

Jefferson has offered to teach Soren how to play goalie :)

Anonymous said...

Soren's father is a former enforcer/hooligan-he used to push other players, just to watch them fall. He wasn't really a thug, he just didn't like the Mustangs.

Old Ref

Tom said...

Yeah, I wasn't an enforcer, I was a speedy and canny defender. Except that one time. And two more times when I was playing with a muscle spasm in the back or neck.