Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 95

I know. The stripey pants and camo socks are not exactly a fashion win. He was cozy though.

Saturday evening we ventured into the city to have dinner with Max. He made some tasty chili and a salad. Agnes is still on the night shift and wasn't able to join us, unfortunately, but we'll catch her next time. It was the first we got to see of their new place. Rowhouses are crazy skinny! After dinner we took a little walk. It was pretty late already by Soren standards, but he kept up really well for several blocks, and then Tom carried him the rest of the way. There were fireflies out, and those are always cool to see.

Soren, amazingly, stayed awake for the car ride home. He was out like trout not long after, though. ;)

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Anonymous said...

And the Munchkins cheered, "Hooray, Dorothy"....:) Yaya