Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 99

I've been feeling pretty darn good in the mornings lately. Quite a bit more energy, almost no nausea at all; it's a nice change! Of course, by the afternoon I've been developing a raging headache and feeling just as crummy as ever, but that's all the more reason to take advantage of the mornings. Tom's been gently nagging me (and rightly so) about getting more exercise, since the earlier I start building up my stamina, the better off I'll be when birthin' time rolls around. So yesterday I started what will hopefully become a daily routine of strapping Soren in the stroller after breakfast and taking off for a walk around the apartment complex before it gets too miserable outside. The loop's about a mile long, and I'll try to work up to 3 laps a day. That'll get me out & walking for about an hour, which is pretty good exercise.

So yesterday we just did one lap for starters, then came home & got on with our day. Here's Soren playing with one of "his" remotes while I unpacked this week's box of produce. Since we got the Tivo, we don't use the cable box remote anymore, so we took the batteries out and let him play with it. Of course, it's the least interesting remote as far as he's concerned. This kid's no dummy. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better....what does the doc say about the headaches?