Thursday, July 30, 2009

So much better

Somewhat miraculously, Soren started feeling a lot better the day we left for Oregon. He ate more that day than he's eaten in a long while, and his rash had cleared up by that morning as well. He seems to be a lot more comfortable, tooth-wise. Thank goodness!

I'll have a couple of airport photos for you a little later, as well as yesterday's pic-of-the-day. It's been a blast watching Soren play and play and play with his grandparents. (Get ready, Johnson grandfolks; you're next!)

It is hot in Oregon! Not as humid as DC though, which helps a little. I never really bought the whole "at least it's a dry heat" excuse, but I do have to admit it's a little easier to breathe when the humidity's not up near 70 or 80%. Still...triple digits are triple digits, and hot is hot is hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning. ;)

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Amy said...

At least it's only for a few days...not months ;)