Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stormy Walk

It was raining a bit this morning, and it seemed possible that the forcasted thunderstorms might actually show up by mid-morning, so I planned on an evening walk again today. Of course, the clouds did little more than threaten all day, and it wasn't until dinnertime that we started hearing the first rumblings of thunder. I hurried through my super tasty potatoes and set out for my walk with warm air and the barest sprinklings on my face and arms. I left Soren inside his time, just in case; turns out that was a very good decision.

The drizzle quit within a few minutes, but the dark, dark clouds to the north and west started spitting out lightning. Thunder began booming, then crackling, overhead. I wondered for a few minutes if it was perhaps a bad idea to be out there, despite the fact that I was surrounded by 18-story buildings. Close thunder is pretty exciting and intimidating, particularly if you're out in its midst.

The rain finally started falling in big drops as I passed the building two away from ours, on my way back. I thought about toughing it out the rest of the way at a jog through the rain, then thought better of it as the clouds burst. Fortunately, I was close enough to duck into Building 2's parking garage. Unfortunately, I couldn't get down a level to the underground tunnel connecting all the buildings without a key to Building 2. I had to duck outside again, flee around the corner to the ramp leading that leads to the next level down. I was outside in the downpour for four, maybe five seconds, and it was enough to soak me to the skin! There is indeed nothing quite like a serious, kick-ass storm.

Back in the apartment, warm and dry, we all sat watching and listening to the storm rage through the balcony screen door. Even now, with the storm well past us to the east, we can see the lightning strobing in the clouds. I've got to say, it's pretty awesome.

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ml said...

afternoon / evening thunderstorms are very east coast / south east... pretty much count on them in the summer! (i escaped many a swim practice because of them!)