Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking to the skies

Soren & I are off to Oregon for 10 days. We leave tomorrow afternoon. Tom's stuck here with work, though I understand he gets to go on a really fun field trip while we're away. Am I insane to take a crabby, teething toddler on a cross-country plane trip? Almost certainly. Gonna do it anyway, though. People to see, things to do, ten year high school reunion to celebrate. The kid loves strangers. He'll probably be an angel on the plane, busily charming everyone around us. Let's just keep thinking those positive thoughts, anyway. ;)

I did take his picture today, but my camera's now packed away so I won't be uploading I get back. Because I took it in a format I won't be able to open on the little laptop I'm bringing along. That's okay though. You guys are probably sick of Soren pictures anyway, right?


ml said...

never sick of soren pictures. and yes you are sort of crazy to take a grumpy toddler cross-country, but it will be worth it when you get there! (and at least you are still only wrangling 1 ex situ)

susan said...

Tom & I were just saying yesterday how fortunate it is that I don't have to haul a cat along this time. ;)

MC Squared said...

Totally tired of the Soren pictures. Totally ready for the real thing.