Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 145

Sunday we went into the city to have a late-ish lunch with Max. There was gazpacho waiting when we arrived, and then the boys made some...

...polenta discs...

...and holy-freaking-delicious stuffed lamb.

Max had obtained a fairly huge chunk of lamb from Costco. So huge, in fact, that Tom hypothesized it may have in fact come from a sheep. Tom trimmed off most of the fat and made some "meat wraps" by slicing the meat a bit thinner and then flattening it with a mallet. On top, the boys spread feta cheese, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary and toasted pine nuts (am I forgetting anything?). Then they rolled the whole thing up and baked it. It was outstanding. So, so, so tender and tasty.

After stuffing ourselves to our respective brims, we went out for a little walk around Max & Agnes's neighborhood. We came upon some giant, Jurassic-looking leaves in someone's front yard, so of course Soren had to be held up for a size comparison. All in all, a tiring but very fine day.

Day 144

Saturday I got to have a good chunk of the day to myself. I went to see the Harry Potter movie (finally!) and then did the grocery shopping, while Tom & Soren chilled at home. In the evening, there were games afoot.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 143

I'm not sure what happened Thursday. My camera just never made it off the desk. Soren & I had a relatively mellow day.

Friday morning was, of course, the big ultrasound session. At 20 weeks, they make you drink a quart of water an hour beforehand and then they don't let you pee until after the exam is complete. Not the greatest of conditions, especially when they call you back to your appointment almost 30 minutes late. Holy moly. Pregnant ladies have to pee all the time anyway. This whole "full bladder enhances the image" thing is torture. But whatever. Everything looks great with the little girl. She's growing right on schedule (the tech said she's about 14 oz now), and all her various pieces and parts are in their assigned places. Good development of the brain & heart, no cleft palate, arms & legs all the appropriate proportionate lengths. Good things to hear!

After we got home, there was a little bit of a thunderstorm, which is always fun. A flash flood warning was issued for the afternoon & overnight, but rain that extreme never materialized (not in our immediate area, anyway). It was even dry enough in the late afternoon for us to make a quick trip to the farmers' market for some more tasty buffalo & pork products.

The above picture was taken after dinner, when Soren & Tom were playing some games. Click through to Flickr for a couple of videos, as well. :)

Well folks

I can tell you this much. She's going to be a spitfire, our little girl. So wiggly and active during the ultrasound that all of the pictures we got of her are blurry. Hehe. I'll try to get one posted later, but no promises.

Soren's going to have a little sister!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 141

We got a ton of apples in with our produce delivery yesterday, and Soren got very excited when he saw me unpacking them. He hasn't exactly figured out the word apple; he calls them "meem-yahs." Not really close at all, that. ;) But anyway, he was all thrilled about the great bounty of meem-yahs so I gave him one to chew on while I finished unpacking the rest of the produce. He actually did a pretty good job eating the apple all by himself. Well, he ate about half of it and then decided he was done, but still. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I used to actually write stuff here

So, about a month ago, Tom devised this reading challenge for himself, wherein he would select and read one book from each of the categories in the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Despite the fact that I read at a pace several hundred times slower than he does, I decided to try and tag along. Of the ten books he brought home from the library for starters (he plans on getting through 100 eventually), I chose the slimmest and least intimidating one for myself - Library: an Unquiet History, by Matthew Battles. I wasn't very disciplined about getting it read in a timely manner (case in point - I took it with me to Oregon, but it never even made it out of my bag), but I finally finished it this week.

As nonfiction goes, it was a fairly compelling read. There were a couple of slow chapters, but there's a lot of interesting stuff to be learned about the history of libraries. For nearly as long as people have been collecting and storing books, they've also been burning them. To be fair, it's usually an invading and conquering force doing the burning, rather than the original collectors. Destruction of libraries, of a civilization's written word, is a pretty powerful "screw you, we're in charge here now" symbol.

The book wasn't entirely about literary conflagration, of course. There are all kinds of other (nonviolent) power struggles to be had within the library stacks. Who can have access, which books are allowed, who decides what is intellectually worth reading and what is some extent these kinds of struggles are still ongoing, driven by the almighty dollar if nothing else.

The author strikes me as the kind of guy who likes to hear himself talk. He has a tendency to wax lyrical from time to time, sometimes not entirely coherently (he at one point refers to libraries as "the chicken coops of the muses," a metaphor that, quite frankly, I don't grasp). But the book is not a bad read overall. Certainly there are worse ways I could have started this reading challenge. ;)

Next up: The Astronomer's Universe: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmos, by Herbert Friedman. Somewhat more textbook-y, with a fair bit of physics so far - I'm through the intro - that's a bit over my head (no pun intended). But I'll manage.

Day 140

I thought I'd take Soren to the park yesterday morning, but when we stepped outside at a quarter to nine, it was already hot and bleh. Weirdly, the weather became more pleasant in the afternoon, cloudy with a slight breeze. So after naps and lunch, we made our way over to the park to play for a bit. For a while we had it all to ourselves, so Soren happily scamped about while I sat on a bench taking pictures & reading my book. After a bit, two little girls showed up with their mom, so Soren spent some time following them around, trying to steal their shoes (which they kept removing...he wasn't trying to steal them right off their feet or anything). Not too long after, a daycare-on-a-rope arrived, so we called it a day and headed home.

I made a pretty freaking delicious buffalo flank steak for dinner. I'd picked up the steak about a week and a half ago at the farmers' market, purchased from Cibola Farms. After thawing it, I marinated it for about 5 hours in a mix of olive oil, soy sauce & honey, with a bit of garlic, a dash of balsamic vinegar and sesame oil, and some black pepper. I added some salt and another tiny drizzle of honey right before it went on the grill. It came out really nicely.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 139

This was my second attempt at lighting a photo with Sir's glow seahorse (first attempt was here). Not a resounding success this time, either. Oh well.

Tom's reinstituted a consistent pre-bedtime routine for the lad in the past week or so. We'd definitely fallen out of the habit. But now Soren's back to having several books read to him, then being serenaded off to sleep by his glow seahorse while he has his milk. Consistency is good.

In other news, those of you anxiously waiting for the results of our ultrasound will, unfortunately, have to wait a couple of days more. It's been rescheduled for Friday morning, due to a work thing Tom can't miss on Wednesday. Just a bit longer!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 138

This picture pretty much sums up our Sunday perfectly. We ate pasta salad. We lazed about. We watched about a week's worth of Tivo-ed TV shows. We ate some more pasta salad. We stayed in pjs late into the day. We finally hauled ourselves up in the evening to go for a walk. Tom battled a giant, scary cicada on our balcony. We wandered off to bed. Weekend complete.

Day 137

Yet again I fell into the trap of not getting a picture taken on Saturday and snapping this one first thing Sunday morning. Ah well.

Saturday was pretty busy, all things considered. I spent the morning laundering the boy's new diapers. See?

I didn't get a photo of the prefolds; those are the "regular" cloth diapers. Interesting fun fact about the prefolds I bought - they're made of Indian cotton, and I was dismayed at first to see that they were so much thinner than the diapers we've been getting from the diaper service. These will never hold enough! I thought. Then I remembered that the retailer's website said to wash them first, so I went ahead and did that. And whoa! They shrank down in width and length and puffed up in thickness and got all soft and nice. I totally wish I'd gotten some before & after photos, but I'll catch the next batch, since I'm sure we'll be getting more. The new system's working out great, though. Soren hasn't worn a disposable diaper since Thursday!

After the laundry, I made a big batch of pasta salad to take with us to a barbeque. We'd been invited over to the home of one of Tom's coworkers, where we had a lovely dinner & got to meet a bunch of new and interesting people. The hosts' daughter even took over Soren-watching duties for a little bit toward the end of the evening, so we could sit and chat without having to take off after him every few minutes. It was great!

I forgot to mention how hard it was raining that afternoon. Just as we were getting ready to leave for the bbq, the skies opened up and the downpour began. After a quick call to make sure the bbq was still on (and thanks to the hosts' covered deck, it was), we made our way out into the deluge. And just like we used to see in southern Oregon so often, the rain was incredibly localized. I remember driving home from school sometimes and you could practically see a line in the road where the rain stopped and dry pavement began. It was much the same way as we drove to the bbq. The storm continued off & on, with varying intensity, for the remainder of the evening.

Home again, home again, we stumbled off to bed. Soren slept for almost 10 1/2 hours straight. ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 136

So, Thursday night was the big overnight test run of the new diapers. Aaaaand they were great for a total of two hours, at which point our sad little protagonist woke up in a puddle. Turns out the super adjustable diapers are a little tricky to get sized just right, and we ended up with a big leak through one of the leg holes on the first try. All right, diapers, you win round one.

Friday I did some reconfiguring and tried again. And we ended up going the whole day - and all night - without using disposables! Soren & I even went out to run some errands in the afternoon, and he spent 3 hours in one of the new diapers, comfortably and with no leaks. Overnight he went 6 hours before needing to be changed, and that was my fault (didn't use enough stuffing). But I had another diaper staged & ready to go, so he ended up spending the whole night in cloth. And overnight diaper #2 was actually still pretty dry when I pulled it off him this morning to start the laundry. I bet he probably could have gone all night with that one if I'd put it on him to begin with. I'm totally impressed.

Have I mentioned how cute & colorful the new diapers are? Maybe after I finish the laundry this morning I'll take a picture of the whole little collection. But for now here's the lad modeling a nice lime green one. Hehe.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 135

Soren loves getting into our front hall closet, where the shoes and coats live. For a while, we were using a bungee cord to keep the door shut, but it kept coming loose & flying off. Now we run the risk of having the closet breached whenever the little man gets bored with whatever toy he's got at the moment and remembers about all those enticing shoes.

You can't leave him alone for a minute. This is what I found when I returned from a quick potty break today. Cute as hell, but not exactly the model of obedience. Hehe. Oh well.

In other news, the diapers arrived today! We're trying the pocket diaper for the first time tonight. I'll let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 134

Just a quick shot before we went out on our walk this evening. Little ham. ;)

Day 133

Tuesday was a big research day for me. I've been thinking for a while that it's time to ditch the diaper service and take the plunge into dealing with cloth diapers ourselves. It's not so hard, especially with all the advances made in diaper technology over the years. I know that sounds silly, but seriously, these are not your grandmother's cloth diapers anymore. No pins, no rubber pants, all kinds of different types and styles.

The main reason for the switch is the fact that, now that Sir is older, he's developed something of a racehorse bladder. His regular cloth diapers are soaked and ready for changing every 15-20 minutes, and forget trying to get through a nap in one. We were having to rely on throw-away diapers more & more, which I definitely didn't want to do.

Turns out, one of these new-fangled cloth diaper types is the pocket-style diaper. It actually mimics a disposable in the sense that there's a wicking liner and then a bunch of absorbent padding underneath it. And you can stuff it as full as you need to, to get the kind of absorbency required. People claim that their toddlers can go through a full 10 hour night with no leaks, using these diapers! Given the fact that I'm currently having to change an over-stuffed disposable at least once a night, I'm totally willing to give that a shot.

So I carefully researched all the brands, read product reviews, compared pricing, and came up with these 3 pocket diapers to try - Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heineys and Tiny Tush Elite. What's more, these diapers are extremely adjustable, so we'll be able to use them on the sprout when he/she gets here, too. Not bad.

Anyway. I ordered some "regular" diapers for the daytime and then some of these special ones for naps and (hopefully) overnight. They should be getting here by the end of the week! Sure, we'll have more laundry to do now, but it won't be so bad.

Speaking of diapers, here's Soren modeling his current cloth diaper (pulled up a wee bit high in the back, I'll admit) while cheekily climbing up on the computer chair, which he knows he's not supposed to do. Little monkey.

Day 132

Nothing terribly interesting to report about Monday. We ran a couple of errands in the afternoon, so we picked up Tom from the metro station since we were out & about. Here's the lad sitting in the car while we waited, almost certainly telling me some story or another. (He's beeen even more babbly than usual, these days.)

Day 131

Got a little behind again. Sorry 'bout that.

Sunday, let's see. Sunday was a biiiig cleaning day. Our landlord had stopped by on Friday evening to ask if he could bring someone by to look at the apartment on Sunday afternoon, so we did a pretty thorough job tidying and cleaning. Naturally, Soren fell asleep for his first nap of the day about 20 minutes before the people were ready to come over, but they were kind enough to keep their voices down, and he mostly stayed asleep until they left. Since we got back from Oregon, we've been trying to get back in the routine of going for a walk after dinner. Sunday evening though, I think it was still way too hideous outside, so we skipped it. That didn't stop Soren from climbing into the stroller, trying to strap himself in, then climbing out and pushing the stroller around the room when we didn't get the hint. ;)

Just call me Mrs. No

I feel kind of like a Bond villain just now, with the thunder booming outside, Leo curled up on my lap & purring, Soren babbling away like a tiny loquacious henchman in the background...

That is all. More Soren photos to come, after I get these ribs in the oven. Because even Bond villains have to eat. ;)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chop chop

It's that time again. I'd let my hair get just about as long as I ever do, and then I could stand it no more. Off I went to the stylist.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Yeah, pay no attention to the super wonky glasses (broken courtesy of a certain small rascal). It was this or the picture with slightly straighter glasses but me looking like I had a lazy eye. Nobody wants to see that, trust me.

And now for the post-haircut photo...

Ta-da. Much shorter and, dare I say, much cuter. Not so frizzy or scraggly or difficult to manage. Yay for haircuts.

Day 130

This is actually the photo I wanted to get Friday night, but I ran out of light to get a good one without having to resort to the flash. Sleepy little feetsies.

This morning (Saturday) I got my hair cut for the first time since before Soren was born. Yeah, it's been a while. The rest of the day was spent catching up on Tivo-ed shows and basically lazing about.

Day 129

Technically, this picture was taken first thing Saturday morning (Day 130). The photo I wanted to get Friday night didn't work out, so I had to go with this.

Friday morning Soren & I met up with some other moms & kids from the playgroup for bagels & coffee (though the other pregnant mom & I had frozen lemonades...yes it was plenty warm enough at 9:30am for frozen lemonade). Soren had slept badly again and was pretty crabby and nap-wanty, so we didn't stay too long, but it was nice to visit with people at least for a short while.

We took it easy for most of the day, then went to a farmers' market in the afternoon. We got some tasty things, including various meats from the buffalo & pork vendor - some big juicy pork chops, baby back ribs, and a buffalo flank steak. I grilled up the chops for dinner Friday night. Tom suggested rubbing them with something slightly sugary in order to get that delicious crispy browning on the surface, so after I salted & peppered them, I patted them dry and then drizzled a tiny bit of honey over them. Then I crushed up a blackberry (also from the farmers' market) and rubbed that on the chops as well. They came out really - really - freaking good. I don't know what it is about pregnancy that makes me crave steaks and other meaty things, but there it is. And damn if those humanely-raised, free-range piggies weren't mighty delicious.

Here's Soren first thing Saturday morning, striking a pose with his recently drained bottle.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 128

It's really great to watch Tom & Soren play together in the evening. Pretty much my favorite time of day (right up there with naptime).

Day 127

Q: What happens when you wait too long to take the day's picture, and you don't want to get another pj shot, so you put off getting the crabby toddler ready for bed long enough to photograph him in all his cuteness?

A: What cuteness? ;)

Here he is all frustrated and sad, signing "milk" at me with that accusatory "What the hell is wrong with you?!" look on his face. Poor kiddo. Fortunately for him, I'm not completely cruel. Minutes after I took this photo, he was cozy in his pjs, happily guzzling down his evening aliquot of rice milk.

Wednesday itself was pretty boring. Did some chores. Something worth noting, I suppose, is that I made a pretty tasty chicken salad. I thawed a couple of frozen chicken breasts, tossed them on the Foreman grill and then diced them. I chopped up some yellow & red onions, grated a little carrot, added a spoonful of cream cheese, a splash of lemon juice, salt & pepper, then stirred in mayo until the consistency was "right." Not bad at all for a first attempt, and it served me well for a couple of lunches. I'll definitely be making that again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

18 weeks

Well, here it is 3 weeks later. I can't believe I'm nearly halfway through the pregnancy. Not a huge change yet, belly-wise, but if you click on the "ZOMG BAYBEES" link at the bottom of the post, you can see this picture and the 15 week picture one above the other. I'll try to wear the same outfit every time I take one of these photos, for continuity's sake.

UPDATE: I just realized, as I was going through some old blog posts...remember how with Soren I was doing weekly fetal size updates throughout the pregnancy? You know what week 18 was? That's right, llama ear week, bitchez. ;)

Day 126

After the difficult Monday, the lad slept for almost 9 hours straight on Monday night and was an incredibly cooperative and pleasant fellow on Tuesday. Huzzah! I had a prenatal appointment with the midwives in the morning, where I received a clean bill of pregnancy. Growth progressing exactly as it should, good strong heart rate for the sprout, who is very, very active; the midwife had to try at least 3 times to actually calculate the heart rate because the sprout wouldn't sit still for the full 10 seconds she needed to count, and she kept losing him/her on the doppler. At one point there was a sharp feedback-y type sound, and she said, "Wow, that was a big kick." I guess I'm kind of glad the sprout's still too small to feel more than vague rollings at this point; I fear for my ribs & bladder in just a few more weeks!

In the evening, the whole family headed back to the midwives' place for our birth center info session. It was the first Tom got to see of the facility and my first time actually touring the birthing rooms. It's going to suit our needs really well, I think. I was surprised to find that most of the couples in attendance weren't even pregnant yet; nothing like doing your research well ahead of time, it seems. One of the women there said that seeing Soren running around was a good lesson for her - "Are we really sure we're ready for all this?" Hehe. He was on generally good behavior, no meltdowns despite the later hour, but he's an active toddler, and there were way too many exciting things & people to see. I thought it was pretty amusing.

Back home and ready for bed, he obliged me by holding his own milk bottle on the couch so I could take his picture, him looking for all the world like a tiny, footie pyjama-ed wino. ;) Silly boy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 125

Oy vey, was Monday a difficult day. Sunday night the lad had a super gassy belly and slept really poorly. Monday he was crabby & fought his naps tooth & nail. Never mind that it was miserably hot & humid outside (heat index was up above 160, whatever that means). We ventured out at perhaps the worst time of day, heat-wise, to fetch some more rice milk from Trader Joe's. The cashiers there are usually happy to give away balloons to little kids, and Soren is always a happy recipient. We were going to see about taking a swim after returning from our errands, but Mr. No Naps had reached the peak of his crabbiness by that point, and sleep could no longer be avoided.

After dinner, his spirits improved somewhat as he played happily with Tom. There was a fun game of dress-up played when the lad discovered my shirts in the (yes, still-unpacked) bag from our trip. See Flickr for those pictures. ;)

Day 124

Sunday was another lazy day. Tom was all industrious with the grocering in the morning and then going to play soccer in the afternoon, but Soren & I barely made it out of pjs. I took more bathtime photos in the evening. Always fun, those.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day 123

Yesterday was a wonderfully lazy day with nothing of particular interest to report. We caught up on Tivo-ed shows, lounged about, had a family nap in the afternoon, ordered pizza for was pretty great.

Toward the end of his first nap of the day, Soren was joined on the couch by Leo. It was one of those incredibly cute, absolutely must photograph sort of moments. Naturally, the moment I pulled out my camera and aimed to take a picture, they woke up and the above shot is what I got instead. CUTE PICTURE FAIL. Oh well. ;)

Day 122

Friday morning it was back to the airport for another long day of travel. During the first flight we both managed to catch a short nap - not really sufficient, but better than nothing. It was really quite windy into & out of the Denver airport. I don't think I would much enjoy having to fly through there on any sort of regular basis. After an uneventful layover (modulo toddler crankiness due to the abridged nap) it was back on the plane for the longer of our two flights. He was awake for about the first hour, slept for 90 minutes (while I watched soccer & NCIS on the in-flight Direct TV), then woke up for the last 30 or 40 minutes of the flight. Rather unfortunately, he started having trouble equalizing his ears during the descent but vehemently refused to drink his water. It was a super fun scream fest for about 15 minutes. Oh the joys. His ears finally cleared after we landed, thank goodness. I'm not sure which of us was happier to see Tom once we got off the plane. Soren couldn't believe his good fortune, it seemed, and when Tom walked away from us briefly down at the baggage collection area, Soren started bawling in protest. We traded chivalry for a happy baby, and I went to get the other bag while Tom held Soren. ;)

Finally we were back home, and I caught a quick picture of my reunited lads before the wee one slipped off to sleep.

Day 121

Thursday was our last day in Oregon. We had a lazy morning. Amy's friend Kate brought her little guy over to visit; he's 3 months younger than Soren and only about 1/4 inch shorter (if that). My dad had them both thoroughly captivated. He's quite the baby whisperer. After the visit, we went to Chevy's for a delicious lunch, followed by more hanging out with family & a nap back at the house. A fine time was had by all.

Day 120

Back to the future now. This was from Wednesday night, after we'd returned to Portland. We got up early and hit the road, and it was actually cold outside when we left! We stopped on the way northward to visit Aunt Megan, then again a few hours later for lunch with my friend Gena & her family. Gena's younger daughter, L, is 6 months younger than Soren, and the two of them were very cute sitting next to each other in their high chairs, flirting & holding hands. I wish I'd gotten pictures, but I was already late to meet them and dashed into the restaurant without bringing my camera. C'est la vie. Once again though, Soren was a great little traveler, sleeping in the car between stops. Sure makes it a lot easier that way.

Back at Chez Gino, we took it easy for a couple of hours until Dad returned from the airport with Yaya, Aunt Teresa & Uncle Kenny. Mom got home from work a bit after that, so it was a full house that evening. There was much visiting & chortling, and before too long Soren was ready for sleeptime. I finally remembered to fish my camera out of my bag once he was sound asleep and snap a photo for the day.

Day 111

Remember when I said I had taken a picture of Soren before we left for our trip, but I wouldn't be able to convert & upload it until after we got home? Yeah, me either, until this afternoon. ;) Anyway, here it is, just shy of 2 weeks late.

It's a lot more amusing in my head, because there I can hear the song that was playing when I took the picture - Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice". Tom was cleaning the kitchen, and Soren was hanging out with him while I finished up the trip preparations. The iPod was playing, and when I came in to check on them, there was the lad sippin' on his sippy cup while Snoop went on about sippin' on gin & juice & something about bitches & smokin this, that & the other. Probably not the most appropriate music for such young ears, but what can I say?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Day 119

Tuesday was our last day in GP. We ran some errands in the morning - got Soren some great new shoes from my friend's shoe store - then had a tasty lunch of Japanese food. We stopped by to see Grandma at work, so she got to show off her beaming grandson to everyone. We went back over to Grandma & Grandpa's for one last visit. Soren had lots of fun playing with Uncle Matt, as you can see. On our way back to M's, we stopped for some tasty Hawaiian shaved ice. A pretty sweet end to a nice Grants Pass trip.

Day 118

Monday was our farm day. We drove out to Cave Junction and spent the day on my friend Caitlin's horse farm. Within ten or fifteen minutes, Soren was in the barn, walking around with a piece of hay sticking out of the corner of his mouth. There was a brand new baby colt, just two days old. We visited Mouse, the yearling that was born around the same time Soren was. Soren was very amused by the horses' tickly noses. When they sniffed his hand, blowing out warm little puffs, the lad giggled and giggled. He played in the hose (and the giant mud puddle that resulted from said playing), and we picked and ate fresh (delicious!) blackberries straight off the bush. It was really fun to see my little city boy romping around on the farm where I spent so much time in my youth.

That evening, we had dinner with still more friends from high school. Amazing how it can simultaneously feel like it's been ages since we've all seen each other and as if no time has passed at all.

Day 117

Sunday we were back at the grandfolks' house. Soren got to play a little with his cousin Patrick and Cheeba, Grandpa's big fluffy German Shepard. To be fair, Cheeba was much more interested in Soren than he was in her (she can be intimidating to someone so short of stature) but he permitted a few kisses. He had lots of fun keeping Grandpa on his toes, running through the kitchen and down the hall. He was really interested in the chimes that Tom bought for his mom a while back, which were hanging by the door. He kept running over to the door, requesting a pick-up so he could reach the chimes. There were soccer balls to be kicked and foam blocks to be scattered and hugs to be doled out. It was a nice day.

Day 116

Saturday was the main event, the big 10 year high school reunion. We had a picnic in the park, where it was about four million degrees outside. It was neat to see everyone though, and especially strange to see all our kids playing together. Time and distance have a weird way of leveling the playing field, as it were. People who never really associated with each other in school were talking about their kids and jobs and finding common ground. It was kind of neat.

Here's the lad near the end of the afternoon, playing in the nice cold bucket of drinks. He decided it would be fun to lick the tops of all the cans and then put them back in. ;)

After a little bit of a nap, we went out to dinner with some more friends, then hung out and watched the beginning of the thunderstorm that rolled in with the evening. It was a fine day all around.

Day 115

Friday was another traveling day. We picked up our rental car in the morning and headed for Grants Pass. I think the I-5 must have magical properties; Soren slept almost the entire way, only waking up when we finally had to stop for gas about 45 minutes north of our destination. We visited the Grandparents Johnson for a few hours, then headed over to get settled at our accommodations with M and her family. I left my camera in the car most of the day, so here was a quick shot before bed. He thought he was getting away with a photo-free day, clearly, since he's trying to stop me from even taking this one. ;)

Day 112

Let's see about trying to get caught up, shall we?!

So, this is from last Tuesday, waiting for our turn to board at the Denver airport. The strategy of "force Soren to skip his morning nap" generally worked to my advantage for the first flight. We got to the airport pretty early, so I had a cranky toddler while we were waiting, but we took some walks, and he shared the pizza slice I bought myself for lunch. He found some old ladies to charm. He really wanted his nap though, kept asking for his milk. By the time we got boarded & settled, I let him have his bottles, but there were some delays and he'd already finished them all before we took off! Fortunately, he conked right out juuuust as we started down the runway for takeoff. He didn't wake up until sometime over Nebraska. ;) It was pretty nice.

In Denver we had a long-ish layover, so we strapped on the puppy pack and did some wandering. He didn't fall asleep at all on the second flight, but he was reasonably well behaved. A couple of minor meltdowns, but nothing too terrible. He amused himself with a few empty drink cups for a little while, and later was absorbed for a full 15 minutes by plugging & unplugging the headphones at the arm rest.

And then we were in Portland, where it was...105 degrees! At almost 8pm! Unreal. I expected the lad to be exhausted, still operating on east coast time, but he was much too excited to see all the stuff at Grandma & Grandpa's. He was up until about 10. All my worries about him adjusting to Pacific time, waking up at 3am and the like...totally unfounded. ;) He slept great all night and woke up ready to go at 6:30 the next morning. Good little lad.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day 114

Auntie Marcy came over on Thursday, and we took the lad to the Portland Children's Museum. He had a grand old time. Here he is driving the bus. ;)

Day 113

Having some issues with getting pictures up & posted. I seem to always have a harder time when traveling than I expect. At any rate, we'll get Day 112 posted a little later!

We got into Portland Tuesday evening finally. I'll have more specifics about the trip on the Tuesday post, but it was a long day. Wednesday we visited Grandma at work & tried to avoid the heat as much as possible. I caught a couple quick photos of him playing with Grandpa. I'm not sure which of those two slept better that night. ;)