Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 143

I'm not sure what happened Thursday. My camera just never made it off the desk. Soren & I had a relatively mellow day.

Friday morning was, of course, the big ultrasound session. At 20 weeks, they make you drink a quart of water an hour beforehand and then they don't let you pee until after the exam is complete. Not the greatest of conditions, especially when they call you back to your appointment almost 30 minutes late. Holy moly. Pregnant ladies have to pee all the time anyway. This whole "full bladder enhances the image" thing is torture. But whatever. Everything looks great with the little girl. She's growing right on schedule (the tech said she's about 14 oz now), and all her various pieces and parts are in their assigned places. Good development of the brain & heart, no cleft palate, arms & legs all the appropriate proportionate lengths. Good things to hear!

After we got home, there was a little bit of a thunderstorm, which is always fun. A flash flood warning was issued for the afternoon & overnight, but rain that extreme never materialized (not in our immediate area, anyway). It was even dry enough in the late afternoon for us to make a quick trip to the farmers' market for some more tasty buffalo & pork products.

The above picture was taken after dinner, when Soren & Tom were playing some games. Click through to Flickr for a couple of videos, as well. :)

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