Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Day 146

Yet again, I failed to get a photo before lights-out on Monday. So here's a picture from first-thing Tuesday morning.

Monday we mostly hung around and did chores. Well, I did chores. Soren played and "helped." Dinner was easy - lamb leftovers from our Sunday lunch - but I wanted to make a side dish and needed to use the Sicilian eggplant we had in our fridge. I was loath to make the sort of stewy eggplant dish I usually make, so I hunted around online for an alternative. I came up with zesty fried eggplant, which turned out surprisingly well. The batter didn't really crisp up as much as I'd have liked, but the flavor was great, and the eggplant was soft and gooey in the middle. Definitely one to try again sometime.

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ml said...

alice, demetri, and i made babaganoush with our CSA eggplants this week. it was delicious. we used the first foodnetwork recipe that showed up when we googled it