Thursday, September 03, 2009

Day 148

Finally! A halfway decent seahorse photo. Now if only Soren didn't look so apprehensive, we'd be in business. ;)

Very little to report for Wednesday. I can continue my recent food-blogging trend, I suppose. For dinner I made pasta with the arugula pesto I'd whipped up the night before. Mixed in with the pasta were some sauteed red onions, chicken sausage & tomatoes. For a side dish there was zucchini/goat cheese casserole. Pretty darn good!

Poor Soren threw up spectacularly, all over the carpet, after dinner. I have to say, the pears & blueberries he had for dessert were not kind to our standard issue beige apartment carpeting, but the Sham-Wows did a remarkable job with the cleanup. I can't believe how effective those things are. Really quite astonishing.

On that charming note, we're off to the park! Have a lovely day.

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