Friday, December 04, 2009

Day 237

So there I was, giving MC^2 a hard time for giving me a hard time for only being a day behind with the updates. Then I went and let almost the whole week go by without getting anything posted. D'oh! I blame technical difficulties with the card reader, but, y'know, behind is behind.


Monday! Soren has started to string more than one word together in a meaningful way. Well, okay, he's had a couple of phrases under his belt for a while now ("Bye-bye Dad-dad!" and "More food," specifically). But on Monday he added a few more to his arsenal. He saw his eczema ointment sitting on the bathroom counter, snagged it, and then started chanting "on legs! on legs!" while pulling his pant legs up. He would not be satisfied until I ointed his legs, even though they weren't particularly rashy. Then later, I was sitting on the couch, and he came in from the other room carrying a book. He scrambled up on the couch with me and then said, "Sit, lap?" So stinkin' cute. He has also started adding other objects to his "bye-byes." For example, "Bye-bye leaf!" (when I wouldn't let him bring a dried leaf in the car with us), "Bye-bye Loki!" (pretty much anytime Loki runs away from him, which is frequently), "Bye-bye shoes!" (when we put them away). You get the picture.

He remains irritatingly obsessed with the camera, making all but clandestine photographs hard to get. I thought this one was pretty cute though.

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