Friday, December 04, 2009

Day 239

Wednesday we had some errands to run. I tried to get some video of the boy being cute and saying some of his new words and phrases, but he was just too distracted by the camera. And I neglected to actually get any photographs in addition to my video attempts, so here's a low-quality freeze frame of one of the videos. We were sitting in the Target parking lot having some lunch (quesadilla and dried apricot fruit bar for the lad, nasty-yet-delicious Taco Bell burrito for me).

At two of our erranding stops, we wandered by the Christmas displays to check out the pre-lit fake trees. The lad was, not surprisingly, very impressed. We haven't had a tree of our own for several years now (didn't really have the room in our CA apartments, plus the cats are just so hazardous), but we decided we're going to go for it this year. So this weekend we're getting a tree! I'm very excited, and I think Soren is going to be over-the-moon thrilled himself.

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