Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day 242

This photo would perhaps have better accompanied the post in which I talked about Soren's new books. Here are he and Tom reading I'm a Big Brother before bed (which I'd already read to him at least once or twice earlier in the day).

We had our first snow of the season today! See?

It was very pretty. The snowflakes were so light and fluffy, so when the wind swirled them up and around, it felt like being in a snow globe. From the weather reports in the past few days, I fully expected we'd get some slushy snow at best, but that none of it would stick. It wasn't supposed to be cold enough today for that. Surprise! I'd say we probably accumulated about an inch when all was said and done. Soren got to wear his thermal undersuit when the guys went out erranding in the late morning.

In other news, here's an updated belly photo. I'm at about 34 and a half(ish) weeks.

Tomorrow we'll hopefully be getting our Christmas tree! Exciting!

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Sara said...

I love that snow picture, it's so beautiful...and your belly is too!