Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 244

Monday was a pretty exciting day. Our new washing machine got delivered and installed! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but the washer that was in the apartment when we moved in, for whatever reason (off balance, bad bearing, etc.) was incredibly noisy. I mean, with the kitchen doors shut, it would be so loud and clunky that we would have to pause conversations in the living room during the spin cycle. Aside from the noise though, it got the job done, so we put up with it. (Really, after so many years of having to do laundry elsewhere, we were just so happy to have an in-unit washer & dryer that it didn't seem worth complaining.) However, with the wee lass soon to arrive, and our expected laundry needs to increase as a result, I went ahead and asked the landlord if he could either have someone come take a look at it or see about getting it replaced. The end result - new washer for us!

It is a thing of beauty, let me tell you. When Tom got home from work yesterday and saw it for the first time, his initial reaction was, "It looks like it came from space!" Hehe. It's slightly bigger than the old one, but more importantly, super quiet. It doesn't hurt my ears to make dinner and do laundry at the same time anymore. (The washer & dryer are in the kitchen, in case I didn't make that clear before.) So nice. :)

On the Soren front for the day, his latest word is "Grandpa." As I may have mentioned a time or two, he's pretty obsessed with looking at photos of himself, so we've got the computer screensaver set up to just run a slideshow of all the images in my "Soren pics" folder on the hard drive. That way we can just turn the screensaver on and he can watch to his narcissistic heart's content. ;) But we go through and point out who else is in the picture with him, and for whatever reason, yesterday he was fixated on his grandpas. So he ran around for most of the day saying "Grandpa! Grandpa!" It was pretty damned cute. He said "Grandma" a few times as well, but it was mostly all about the grandpas.

My lap is getting smaller and smaller every day, but that doesn't stop him from climbing up to sit in it. I'm happy to have him though, especially when he cuddles against my belly and puts his hands against it to feel the baby.

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