Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 246

In the mornings, Soren and I frequently sit by his bedroom window and look out at the world outside. We point out buses and cars and garbage trucks and dogs, and Soren enthusiastically says "Bye-bye [bus/car/truck/dog]!" when they pass out of view. The little weirdo will also sometimes lick his window, turn to me and declare, "Mmm, tasty!" (I promise I didn't teach him that.)

We had some errands to run after his nap, so I bundled him up and we headed out. It hasn't been quite as cold here as it's been in Oregon this past week (they've been getting pummeled by some sort of arctic storm), but it's still been chilly, especially in the evenings. There's something extra cute about tiny kids in winter clothes. I'm glad Soren tolerates his hat for the most part.

Quick photo at bedtime. He's been getting some sort of crazy second wind at night lately and just does not want to go to sleep. It's frustrating. But what can you do? We've been through things like this before (and worse), and we'll go through them again in the future.

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