Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 249

Saturday. I ran some errands in the morning; specifically, I needed to find a nice outfit for the holiday luncheon at Tom's workplace later this week. All my maternity clothes are somewhat, oh shall we say, uber-casual. It seems silly buying yet another maternity outfit with only a month left to go in the pregnancy, but there's just no fitting into any of my nice clothes right now. It was kind of a challenge finding something suitable (seriously, I would think there are enough pregnant women wandering around at any given time that stores would think about having a better selection of clothing for them), but Target came through for me in the end. Nice pair of slacks, dressy top over a turtleneck. I could even wear the festive tights without causing Tom too much embarrassment. ;)

In the later afternoon, the boys went out a-grocering, and I took the opportunity to squeeze myself into my bathing suit and go for a float in the indoor pool. It. Was. Heavenly. For a good forty minutes I was free of the aches in my hips, nearly weightless, suspended by a couple of pool noodles. Climbing out of the pool afterward I was assaulted by gravity once more, which was torturous. I definitely need to make a point of getting some pool time at least a few days a week until the little miss makes her appearance.

And here we have a picture of the lad that has really nothing to do with anything. See how long his hair is starting to get, though?

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