Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 250

Sunday we ventured out in the drizzle to do some family erranding. Soren still attracts all sort of attention when we go out places, with his thousand-watt smile and generally cheerful demeanor. It's funny though; Tom told me that when he and the lad are out on their own, in addition to the "Oh isn't he adorable?"s and the "What a happy boy!"s, he also frequently gets asked "And where's Mommy?" That strikes me as such an odd question. I can't even fathom asking some guy that. What, a dad can't take his kid to the grocery store without bringing the wifey along? And wouldn't you feel like a complete ass if it turned out the guy was a widower? I mean, honestly!

Sunday afternoon and evening consisted mainly of chores. But there were some games afoot after dinner, as you can see. Tom was heading the ball at Soren, who laughed hysterically as it bounced off his own head (or nearby). That's the soft, bouncy ball, by the way...not the soccer ball. ;) We're pretty happy with how clever the little fellow is, so we're not interested in bludgeoning the smarts out of him or anything like that.


MC Squared said...

Hint: They are hoping cute man with cute child is available, and they don't care how.

susan said...

Is it possible I'm actually so naive that such a thought never occurred to me? (Not that I'd blame anyone for hitting on Tom...he is pretty damned hot.)