Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 251

Can you see the slightly manic look in his eyes? Does he strike you here a little bit as Baby-on-Meth? Because holy cow was he ever crazy today.

He woke up early, while Tom was getting ready for work. Later in the morning, we ran some errands. We ate some lunch, came home, and then I spent an hour trying to get him down for a nap while he squirmed and squiggled and recited all the body parts he knows and sang bits of Old MacDonald and chattered away. Eventually it was just too late in the afternoon for him to get a decent nap without then wanting to be awake all freaking night, and he was not cooperating anyway. So awake he stayed, largely pleasant (thank goodness), running around and playing and jabbering away. By the time he finally fell asleep tonight, he'd been up for 13 hours straight. We've had plenty of abridged-nap days, but no-nap-whatsoever days have been incredibly rare thus far. I'm not sure what sparked it, but man, I hope he's back on his usual schedule tomorrow.

(As it happens, I have grown rather accustomed to my little hour or two of quiet time in the afternoon, and it's possible I suffered more from his naplessness than he did himself.)

Anyway. He's a wild one, folks.


MC Squared said...

You know this picture ends up in his senior high school yearbook.

susan said...

Ha. There will certainly be plenty of photos to choose from, when the time comes. ;)