Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 255

So, for most of the week I'd been seeing the little weather widget on my iGoogle homepage showing that we'd be getting some snow on Saturday. What I didn't realize until Thursday night was that it was supposed to be rather a lot of snow. Like almost 2 feet of snow total, over the course of the weekend. It seemed really hard to believe, but I opted to go ahead and believe the projections and make a trip to the grocery store on Friday to be sure we wouldn't have to go out anywhere on the weekend. It was, no great surprise, kind of a mad house. Not like "Ohmigod, rush the store, clear the shelves!" crazy, but it was pretty clear I wasn't the only one doing a little preemptive shopping.

In the evening, we ventured up to Arlington to meet some friends for dinner. I intentionally pushed Soren's nap a little later than usual so he would hopefully have enough energy to go a bit past his normal bedtime. He did quite well; he's a pretty adaptable little fellow. Anyway, it was already getting quite cold out, and even though the snow wasn't due to start in earnest until after midnight, we could see the tiny flakes starting to fall shortly after 9pm. What amazed me was how fast they began to accumulate. It was nearly 10:00 when we headed home, and already the roads were generously dusted (yes, we were very careful and took our time). Seems the meteorologists were not kidding around.

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