Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 257

We didn't get any new snow on Sunday, but a large portion of what had fallen on Saturday stuck around. Tom & Soren went out to play in it some more before lunchtime, and then later, poor Tom set about the unpleasant task of shoveling out the huge mound of snow behind our car. It was especially unpleasant because we don't actually have a snow shovel, or a shovel of any sort. He resorted to using the removable top part of Soren's high chair tray, the poor fellow. While he was out there, he tried starting the car, only to discover that the battery was - to borrow a phrase - stone cold dead in dee market. This put a crimp in our plans to drive him to an underground metro station the next morning to go to work (all of the above-ground stations were closed and expected to remain so for the next day). Also, the buses wouldn't be running. What the hell, DC metro area? I know this was, like, the biggest snowstorm you've had in 50 years or something, but the roads were totally clear all day Sunday. I couldn't see any reason for shutting down the buses.

Anyway, we were granted a last-minute reprieve, finding out in the evening that all federal agencies would also be shut down on Monday. So that was good. We have a roadside assistance service, but they were understandably swamped on Sunday afternoon and evening, so it worked out much better for us to be able to just have the car jumped on Monday.

So here's Soren in one of his "going to work like Dad" moments. He's got Tom's hat and shoes (actually, my hat, but Tom had been wearing it), plus the carrying case for the tiny laptop. And, of course, no pants. Because who needs pants, anyway? Silly goose.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. I just find this disturbing- but cute!

Grandpa J

susan said...

Hehe. Well the hat is falling over his eyes, and he's got that lovely scrape on his chin where he fell into the coffee table (I swear we don't beat him). I can see how this might be a little disturbing, even as it is cute.

Amy said...

hahahaha pants are overrated! Although, they do provide much needed warmth in frigid climates.

susan said...

Only if you're going outside or don't have good climate control indoors.