Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 259

Tuesday morning we finally ventured out onto the roads for the first time since the snowstravaganza. Everything had long since been pretty well cleared, though as we went along, there would sometimes be traffic lanes that ended rather abruptly because the snow plows had left piles on the side of the road that were quite massive. And a lot of the smaller streets in Old Town Alexandria hadn't been plowed at all, so there was still a thick-ish layer of packed snow and ice. Fortunately, we only had to drive down one of those, and Soren & I made it to my 37-week midwives' appointment without incident.

Everything checked out fine with the wee lass, who remains head-down and very active. Everything continues to be on track for an on-time or slightly early delivery (as much as one can predict these sorts of things).

In the afternoon, our birth assistant came over for a second home visit and to assess our birthing supplies. We've got 3 bins of stuff all ready to go, neatly organized into labor supplies, immediate post-partum mom & baby care, and more general post-partum stuff. The labor tub we're renting will be delivered next week sometime. Our birth plan has been written and approved. We've got the necessary numbers on speed-dial. By and large, we're ready to go when the little miss decides it's time (though we hope she'll be cooperative enough to wait until my mom gets here).

Apropos of nothing, here's the little lad brazenly eating a piece of cardboard he'd ripped off the book he was reading. Stared right at me the whole time he ripped it off and slowly stuck it in his mouth, even though he totally knows better.


Amy said...

didn't you used to eat things that you weren't supposed to? like paper?

susan said...

I'm sure paper was among the less offensive things I ate that I shouldn't have. But that's just the way of it with little kids, it seems.