Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 260

Wednesday morning, M and A came over again for a playdate. Once again, Soren and A had a great time, nicely sharing toys and running around like the little toddler-shaped dervishes they are. Ever the ham, Soren seems to be developing a sense of comic timing. He had A in stitches several times with his various antics. They're really very funny to watch together.

Once again, Soren had so thoroughly tired himself out with all the fun and playing that his nap that afternoon was one of epic proportions. When he woke up, he was pretty dazed and had fantastic bedhead, as you can see. Ah, the perils of longer hair. Between the constant static charge we've got around our apartment these days with all the dry air and his frequent sweatiness during naps and overnight, he's got some seriously crazy hair quite often these days.

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The Hot Aunt said...

nice picture :)