Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 261

Christmas Eve really seemed to sneak up on me this year. December was rolling along, and suddenly it was here.

Soren & I braved the roads - and even more treacherous, the parking lots - once more Thursday morning to get last-minute supplies for our Christmas Day meals. With nowhere else to pile all of the cleared snow, plows clearing the parking lots had no choice but to completely fill a few parking spaces, which is of course super helpful during this time of heightened consumer activity. It's hard to find parking spaces at this time of year anyway, and now they are in even shorter supply. But we didn't have any reason to hurry anywhere, so we took our sweet time navigating and parking and managed to get our errands run, if not in the most timely manner, at least with minimal stress.

As a side note, I'd like to point out that errands take an extra long time when one is actively trying to avoid inducing labor. Rushing about and pushing laden shopping carts and hauling uncooperative toddlers to and fro can easily bring on Braxton-Hicks ("practice") contractions, which are not a big deal in and of themselves, but if you have enough of them quickly they can start to stimulate actual labor contractions. So slow and steady is the order of the day, these days. Not that there would be too much concern for the little gal's welfare if she were to arrive now (after 37 weeks you're pretty much in the clear as far as lung function and development are concerned), but we're really hoping she'll keep cooking until my mom gets here to help with Soren.

Morning errands completed, we arrived home not long before Tom, who had been granted a half day workday. There was some additional extra-last-minute shopping sans kiddo to be done; alas, my trek out took longer than anticipated, so Tom was met only by closing stores when it was his turn. (Sorry, Tom!) Nevertheless, we had a nice family evening and opened up our traditional Christmas Eve gifts of cozy new pjs before tucking the lad in bed and settling down to watch A Christmas Carol, as we do every year. Then off to sleep (mostly...a certain small fellow woke us a few times) in anticipation of a happy Christmas morning. :)

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