Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 262

What you see here is the face of a silly boy who has had himself a very nice Christmas and thoroughly tired himself out by scamping about all day long.

Merry Christmas! Soren had a grand old time opening his presents this year. Up until now, he hasn't really grasped the concept of this acceptable rip-and-tear activity, so this was a new and fun notion for him. He enjoyed pulling stuff out of his stocking (alas, I didn't manage to finish the one I'd set out to make for him, so he had his backup stocking again this year) and was more than happy to help us open some of our presents as well.

It's rough being far away from family during the holidays, but the upshot is getting to spend the whole day lazing around in our pjs, just the 3 of us. Which we definitely did. Traditional Christmas meals for our little family: stocking stuffer candy and bacon for breakfast (also, we usually make cinnamon rolls, but neither Tom nor I felt up to that much sweetness this year, so those are being saved for later in the weekend), sugar crash and mild snacking for lunch, and then calzones for dinner. Tasty as usual!

All in all, another mellow Christmas, spent taking it easy and just enjoying each other's company. Pretty darn great, in my book. :)

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